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! The record film contract

Jack Londona`s Heroes is concluded are estimated in 100 million roubles

Yesterday was the unprecedented transaction in domestic film business is concluded.
the Ural film distribution firm Ekaterinburg - art will pay Moscow
to association Chance 100 million rbl. for the right of joint hire of a picture Hearts
three - 2 . So high sum of the contract speaks high cash
the gathering received from hire of the first film Hearts of three and it is extreme
successfully organised advertising campaign of a new film.

Hearts of three - 2 - a screen version (2 series) second half of novel of Jack Londona
Hearts of three . The director - Vladimir Popkov. The producer - Andrey Grechuha. In
leading roles: Vladimir Shevelkov, Sergey Zhigunov, Alain Hmelnitsky, Dmitry
Haratjan, Igor Kvasha, Raphael Katandzhan, Ired Mjangel. Shootings passed in
to Crimea from June till September, 1992 Now last rewriting
a film is made.

This contract, according to experts, is unique for domestic film business:
the distribution transaction on the yet not finished picture for the first time is issued;
for the first time one of the film rolling firms largest in Russia ( Ekaterinburg - art )
undertakes realisation of a domestic film; the sum
the contract, vpjatero exceeding the highest figures similar
transactions is for today unprecedented also.
the director of association Chance Sergey Zhigunov has told to the correspondent that
the parties expect from hire of a film of a triple covering of the expenses.
the percentage share of each of the parties does not reveal. The premiere of the film
is supposed to be made large-scale: on April, 19th it leaves on screens at once
270 cinemas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kirghizia (in Moscow -
at a cinema Art ) . For three months of joint realisation
it is planned to show Hearts of three - 2 in one thousand cinemas of the CIS countries. A film,
under forecasts Chance will look over 50 million people According to Zhigunov, on
direct contracts on display of a picture with 617 cinemas today are already concluded.
he also has declared that at many cinemas are provided free morning
film sessions.
Zhigunov has explained the phenomenal sum of the contract to the correspondent two
principal causes : the first film ( Hearts of three ) Which now still
is in hire, brings record gathering and concerning the second film
Chance has already spent a wide advertising campaign (both facts indirectly
have proved to be true high attention prokatchikov to to Hearts of three - 2 on the Fifth
the Russian film market about what told on February, 13th). By the way, by words
Zhigunov, in the film market Ekaterinburg - art has offered this contract. On
the received money Chance intend to remove Hearts of three - 3 .