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Case about a poisoning

Counterfeit cognac is investigated has killed three persons

Yesterday employees General Office of Public Prosecutor of Azerbaijan have begun interrogations
the businessmen who are passing on the case of death of three persons, poisoned in
Saratov counterfeit Armenian cognac. As inspectors have established Saratov
, this killing drink was bought by the chairman of co-operative society
Hope nowadays dead Anushevan Sagateljan in the Azerbaijan MT Draht (about
this business wrote on April, 20th, 1992).

At first business the Saratov regional Office of Public Prosecutor, the chief investigatory
investigated which managements Anatoly Gorshkov has informed the correspondent that cognac
has bought co-operative society Hope at the Azerbaijan MT Draht in number of 1005
bottles. From outside Hopes The contract signed Anushevan Sagateljan. About
the maintenance in cognac metanola (wood spirit) g - n Sagateljan did not know and
has died, becoming the first victim of the purchase. Anatoly Gorshkov has declared that
assumptions of participation of company ASKO to this transaction (as it wrote
on April, 20th, 1992) have appeared erroneous and groundless. Cognac, by words
the inspector, passed through some commercial structures among which
ASKO did not appear. Most likely, it is impossible to blame and MT Draht which
mediated at the transaction conclusion (it, according to the contract,
was obliged to buy cognac on one of factories - manufacturers). Present
manufacturers of a substitute the Azerbaijan inspectors yet do not send, but
interrogate the businessmen suspected of participation in manufacture
poisoned metanolom of a drink.