Rus News Journal

The Russian fishing trawler

to the Russian fishermen is fired arrest

threatens Yesterday new details of incident with Russian fishing
a trawler " became known; the Eagle fired at coast of Argentina (about it wrote
on February, 23rd).

As have informed the correspondent in the Russian committee on fishery, the conflict
has arisen from - that the Russian fishermen and the Argentina coast guard
on - to a miscellaneous treated the radar-tracking data at site definition
a trawler at the moment of detention. The Argentina military men assert that the trawler
conducted lov in a zone exclusive economic interests their countries. However
the captain the Eagle considers that the trawler was in three miles from this zone.
According to the international marine law, the conflict can be resolved only
after transfer of a mate radar-tracking lining in which the recorder
fixes an exact site of a vessel, for examination independent
the international commission.
after the Argentina military ships opened fire on " three times; to the Eagle
also have damaged it, the captain has made decision to obey and has headed for port
Bajja - the Form. Last night from the sources close to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
it became known about the decision of the Argentina authorities at once after the arrival the Eagle in port
to arrest its captain and 40 persons of a command for insubordination and resistance
to the sea and military authorities .
As it became known, from Moscow the commission has taken off for Argentina the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. About
results of office investigation made by it which become known
on March, 2nd, will inform on March, 3rd.