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And Russia will clear of mines Central America

Russia will take part in international military - the technical action

Yesterday in office mailing the order of the president of Russia " has arrived; About
participation of Russia in works on mine clearing in the countries of Central America .

as the Occasion the reference of the secretary general of the Organization American
Z.Baeno`s states of Soaresha (J has served. Baeno Suares) to the president of Russia, transferred
through the Russian embassy in one of tsentralnoamerikanskih the states.
at the signed order the Russian management declares the
a position of principle: Russia will take part in works on
to mine clearing in Central America. First of all it is a question of participation
Russia in works on mine clearing in Nicaragua as considerable
territories of this tsentralnoamerikanskoj the countries are not suitable to use
from - for continuous zaminirovannosti. However, as believe in diplomatic
circles, sapernye works will be spent not only to Nicaragua, but also in
other countries of Central America which list
is specified now.
to the Ministries of Defence and foreign affairs of Russia it allowed to spend instructions
negotiations with the Organization of the American states and interested
the countries about conditions of participation of Russia in works on mine clearing in Central
America and an order of their financing.
the order specifies also concrete forms of participation of Russia in process
mine clearing. Among them - a direction, on a voluntary contract basis,
the Russian instructors - sappers from among officers and soldiers of engineering armies
a stock, and preparation on short-term courses of corresponding experts from
numbers of military men of the countries of Central America.
experts notice that participation of Russia in the course of mine clearing in the countries
Central America can become an important event in Russian external
to a policy as recently Russia, as a rule, was eliminated from
participations in expensive international military actions. At the same time,
the confirmed order is logic continuation of the Decree about an order
introductions of embargo on delivery of arms. Both documents, according to the experts
, it is possible to regard as attempt to soften conversion pressure On
military - an industrial complex as essential expansion for Russia of the market military - technical
services can become the main result of mine clearing
. It is obvious that it will improve position dying military - industrial
a complex.