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Japanese will help to identify remains of the tsar

the certain way Is found to identify remains of the tsar

On - former remains obscure, whether remains of nine persons to an imperial family belong any of found in
to 1991 near Ekaterinburg.
spent on base kriminalisticheskogo the centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain examination
allows to assume only that some of the found remains belong
to the shot members of an imperial surname. However the full confidence that
one of bone fragments belongs to Nikolay II, is not present till now.
to bring full clearness in this question, Ministry of Health
Russia yesterday has addressed for the help to the authorities of Japanese prefecture Siga, in
one of which provincial museums already over a century things with
traces of blood of the emperor are stored. It is a question of allocating from them
the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which are the carrier individual
of the genetic information of last monarch from House of Romanovs. As experts believe
, it is a unique way of identification attributed to Nikolay II

Ministry of Health of Russia has applied to give it things with blood traces
the emperor for the analysis, have informed correspondent ITAR - TASS in the commission on
to education of prefecture Siga knowing museum of local lore of a city of Otsu where
there are exhibits. In the beginning it was supposed to spend comparative
molekuljarno - the genetic analysis of the found remains with molecules of DNA of one of
near relations of the tsar. But subsequently it was found out that there are samples
blood of the emperor which are in a museum of Otsu. However the representative
the commissions on prefecture Siga education has informed that cannot be and speeches about
to sending of these extremely shabby and unique relics to Russia. But, on it
to words, local authorities are ready to assist representatives of Russia if
they arrive to Otsu for research of samples of blood. The commission on
to education intends to notify in the near future officially on it
Ministry of Health of Russia. However in Japan are afraid that at Moscow
it can not appear means for expensive business trip of the experts
to Japan. Therefore in parallel local authorities intend to work possibilities
independent studying of exhibits stored in Otsu.
at the same time the deputy minister of public health services of Russia Alexey Moskvichev
has declared to the correspondent that it does not know about the reference of Ministry of Health for
the help to Japanese. Intend to return to this theme as soon as
the new details, concerning identifications of the remains found under
Ekaterinburg become known.