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The president has reorganised the device

Governmental body remains independent

In the higher echelons of power the important stage of hardware struggle has come to the end. Yesterday in
office mailing the definitive variant of the decree of the president " has arrived; About
perfection of system of maintenance of activity of federal bodies
executive power . Essential changes are made To the decree in comparison with
the previous variant of this document assigning presidential
to structure the right to co-ordinate activity of the device of Ministerial council.

As informed on February, 9th in the first variant of the decree About system perfection
activity of Federal enforcement authorities it was provided,
that the presidential administration will acquire the right to co-ordinate activity
the Ministerial council device. This variant has been prepared by a new management
administrations led by Sergey Filatovym. As observers assume, at
developers there was rather serious confidence that the president will go
on this step. The project of the decree providing
resubmission of representatives of the president to specially created Management
of Presidential Administration on work with territories offered by them earlier, representatives
the president, to communications with VS Russia, started as a feeler,
from Boris Yeltsin has not caused objections.
assumptions of heads of Presidential Administration have come true only partially.
Boris Yeltsin has signed the first variant of the decree about activity perfection
executive power, however it did not leave walls of its office. In opinion
experts, the document has not seen light from - for provided in it the rights
administrations to co-ordinate governmental body activity. Against
it the new head of the device of Ministerial council Vladimir Kvasov has acted.
the law " was Vladimir Kvasova`s bargaining chip in this struggle; About the Government -
Ministerial council of the Russian Federation in which autonomy of the device
the governments is fixed. Probably, Yeltsin`s unwillingness to go on frank infringement of the law
eventually and has turned a dispute outcome. The president has offered the head
administrations to Sergey Filatovu to alter already signed decree. Its new
the variant also has arrived yesterday in mailing.
under last decree the Ministerial council device remains independent
structure, and its head Vladimir Kvasov will not be Sergey`s assistant
Filatova on a post as it was supposed earlier. Besides, changes
have concerned assumed division of the Main thing socially - industrial
Presidential Administration managements on two independent managements:
financial and economic. Against it the chief of a central board Feodor
Morshchakov objected, and its objections have been considered.
observers believe that the victory of a management of the governmental department
has not only purely hardware but also political value. Ruslan
Hasbulatov repeatedly made recently the statements directed on
to separate Ministerial council from presidential structures, as though
ranking Victor Tchernomyrdin as the supporters. From informed
sources experts know that the prime minister
practically did not participate in hardware intrigues. However between the head of its device and
chairman VS, under some indirect data, exists full enough
mutual understanding. Thus, on the eve of a referendum Boris Yeltsin, is faster
than everything, has lost control over the important structure which is in bowels
of executive power. Ruslan Hasbulatov, most likely, has got it.