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Selection of shots for foreign firms

Firms - intermediaries take not number, and currency

the Beginning of an autumn season of business activity is noted by revival in work of the companies which are engaged in selection and search of shots. For example, firm Eurospan for the first week of September has employed 15 experts is more than its summer week level almost twice. However in spite of the fact that this kind of business endures now in Russia the period of appreciable growth, the circle of customers is limited basically to the foreign companies. The idea to pay money for selection of shots is rather new to the Russian businessmen, and similar services seem to them the expensive. The exception while is made by some commercial banks and large trading houses.

That fact that foreign firms in Russia prefer to search for employees through special agencies, speaks simply. At them such tradition: any business including selection of shots, professionals should be engaged. However, by estimations “ rekrutskih “ offices, from 30 to 60 % of foreign firms nevertheless undertake attempts to reduce the price of process and to be engaged in independent search. They or advertise in the newspaper and then talk to all responded, or declare to the employees: “ we Search for the bookkeeper (the manager on sales and etc.) “ - and all search: among relatives, acquaintances and their acquaintances... However employment experience “ from street “ as a rule, it appears sad. Without speaking about such problems as psychological impreparation for work in the foreign firm, insufficient or superfluous vocational training (a problem so-called overeducated, usually the secretary - typists - the candidate of science with knowledge of foreign languages), arrival of casual people turns around sometimes criminal consequences. Happens that new employees completely disappear soon after employment, having taken at the same time something valuable of firm property. To secure itself against similar incidents, the foreign companies and address to the help of firms - intermediaries.

UpDK: the main thing is “ our social gains “
traditionally similar services in Russia Management on diplomatic corps service (UpDK) rendered the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of the USSR, possessing, according to the closed decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Sovmina from 1967, monopoly for selection of shots for foreign establishments. Management worked in close contact to KGB which gave the definitive permission to employment. Only in 1991 when decision VS had been cancelled all neopublished instructions and acts, UpDK has ceased to be the legalised monopolist in this area (now on behalf of UpDK the firm created in it " operates; InPredKadry “) . The network of private concerns which now is, according to participants of the market, about two tens has started to develop in Russia, the majority of them - in Moscow (for comparison: in the Dignity - Frantsisko with the population hardly more than one million person of such agencies some hundreds).
the Parity of number of employed UpDK and private agencies all changes in favour of the last more strongly. For all time of the activity of UpDK has found work approximately to 8 thousand persons, thus in 1992 - to 1200 candidates (including transitions from one firm in another). At the same time only company Meteor Personnel for 1992 has provided with work of 500 candidates, and all private agencies together fill nearby 3 - 4 thousand vacancies a year. Apparently, the state is not going to interfere with this process, anyway, the deputy minister of work of Russia Igor Halevinsky has declared to the correspondent “ “ that it is not a subject of care of its ministry. “ InPredKadry “ Remain with the last arguments is a record in the work record card about work in foreign firm and a pension guarantee, and for customers - use of former channels for check of the past of candidates (truth, now not political, but criminal).

If the good manager is necessary to you, let for it search “ private traders “
Unlike UpDK where both the parlourmaid and the manager will pick up for an identical payment - $500 - and for a uniform technique (track record), in private concerns selection of attendants, midlevel managεment (managers of the average level) or executives (top management) differs on methods, forms and the payment sum, and also by quantity of orders and time leaving on search.
if for selection of candidates on a post of drivers, cooks, secretaries, security guards and etc. Total accumulation of the information is used (agencies have computer databases, and search is carried out quickly enough), on a following floor of a pyramid (the bookkeeper, the administrative assistant, the manager on sales) usually apply testing. Potential possibilities of candidates and experience in foreign firms, the joint venture or abroad are taken into consideration.
longest in this sector the agency " works; the Anchor “. The organisation of its work is under construction on typical for this group of firms to the scheme. In staff - to two tens employees which use the general database of candidates, and also conduct own - in the areas. Besides, there is a network of the non-staff informants receiving from 3 to 10 % of the sum of the contract for each found with their help and the employed candidate. Activity automation allows not only to reduce term of search of candidates (in firm Meteor Personnel, for example, it makes from 6 till 24 o`clock), but also to make the resume on everyone, capable to present it to the best advantage for the concrete customer (Meteor Personnel offers 9 different styles of a writing of the resume). In “ an anchor “ term of representation of the first candidate makes no more than two - three days, and in Eurospan - a maximum five. In total candidates will be not less than three.
as to the hierarchy highest level (executive search) - posts financial and the commercial director, the chief accountant, the head of representation essentially other technology here is used. It is a question about " more often; peremanivanii “ the candidate from its former work. Under Sergey Vorobeva`s statement, the adviser of the joint venture of firm Ward Howell International and auditor company Deloitte and Touche, present executive search is guaranteed by full coverage of all experts successfully operating in corresponding area. George Abdushelishvili, other adviser of this firm, considers what to search them in Russia and is easier, than in the West - here it is less than them, - and it is simultaneously more difficult, as at us it is more difficult to receive the information on a real state of affairs of the company, on the one to whom she is obliged by the successes, and how on this person to leave. But the main problem - to persuade the potential candidate to leave the present post. When the candidate who is meeting the requirements of the customer, it is not possible to find among our compatriots or foreigners working in Russia, for it search on the international channels of firm. In the same way operate Hill International, Preng and Associates.

the Test on “ durakoustojchivost “ it is paid in roubles
to Pay services of agencies in selection and search of shots it is possible in two ways - “ forward “ and “ by result “. The most widespread - the second when the account to the customer is exposed in the event that the found candidate has started to work. In the majority of firms (Ward Howell International, Hill International, Preng and Associates, “ the Anchor “) The sum is usually equivalent to third of annual earnings of the candidate, but can and fluctuate depending on complexity of the order or the concrete arrangement with the customer.
in Price Waterhouse, for example, this “ a plug “ makes from 20 to 50 %, in Meteor Personnel take the two-month salary. In “ the Anchor “ reduce cost of services in the event that the customer wants, that for clients searched under the announcement, and is ready to pay this announcement itself. Besides, according to the director “ the Anchor “ Igor Huhreva, if in the customer “ it is felt “ the future regular customer, firm it is ready to give a discount. The same readiness show and in Eurospan.
Thus, the order for the worker of the attendants, which monthly salary averages $100 - 150, will cost about $400, an average administrative link at the salary of $300 - 700, accordingly, $1000 - 2000. If it is a question of the higher posts in firm cost of services in their search will make not less than $3000.
Payment “ by result “ it is favourable to the customer that it is possible to place the order at once in several agencies, having paid as a result only to one. Therefore, to protect itself from failure of expensive orders, for search of candidates on the higher supervising posts money takes forward. This immutable rule for the firms specialising in this area. The others take advance payment in case of expenses on business trips: third - at order reception, third - when begins display of candidates, and last third - after the found candidate has started to work. Thus, if any candidate it is not found or the offered candidates of the customer have not satisfied, advance payment according to the contract does not come back.
additional service which is offered now almost by all agencies, “ a guarantee “ at selection of shots - usually on half a year - year. If during this term the person under own initiative has left work, to it will search for replacement free of charge.
besides “ usual “ the ways, some of firms - rekruterov apply also purely Russian variant of indemnification of the expenses: at the expense of candidates on employment. Among them - Meteor Personnel (3000 roubles for inclusion in a database and fortnight earnings after appearance at work) and “ the Gaul - Supershots “ (9000 rbl.) . Director Meteor Vladimir Solovev names it level “ durakoustojchivosti “. In its opinion, “ these symbolical sums nevertheless discipline candidates and eliminate lightly concerning job search “. And the director “ the Gaul - Supershots “ Alla Ramilova considers collection “ introductory “ payments absolutely fair as for this money the candidate if does not get a job, will necessarily receive the resume in English for which, as she said, in the American embassy would take $20.

Participants of running are happy with that have run up every which way
About the present competition in the market rekruterov to speak still early. What is the struggle for the customer, know only in agency “ the Anchor “ at which Russian Connection, working in the same sector of the market, already “ has withdrawn “ several clients. And attempt “ Anchor “ in 1993 to include in the spectrum of services executive search has not given notable results, as, by words g - on Huhreva, “ the most expensive orders while get to specialised agencies “. It gives the grounds to management Ward Howell to declare: “ At us here competitors are not present “. And on statement Hill International: “ They work well, but with us yet have not caught up “ - to answer: “ We run in other party, and they have not noticed that nobody pursues them “.
However in spite of the fact that databases of candidates at different agencies, by their own estimations, are crossed no more than on 5 - 20 %, and absence of a competition from this party too seems obvious, the circle of potential workers for foreign firms is limited. If still recently to the announcement responded to thousand persons, now it is not always typed and 70. On the other hand, foreign firms, especially in the representations in a province, toughen requirements to candidates. According to general manager Eurospan Ketrin Blejk (Katherine Blake), even more often there are orders, “ judging by the description, on eight different posts. Only all it should be one person “. As has joked g - zha Blejk, “ and that still danced a little bit “. Additional problems are created also by that fact that the list of staff of the Russian branches of foreign firms is often formed by the people never happening in Russia. They know that average monthly earnings in Russia do not exceed $50, and it seems to them that for $200 from candidates of a release will not be. Now it does not occur. And not because nobody would like to receive this money that is why that demanded experts, as a rule, already receive more. And though sometimes agencies undertake to find the candidate, counting on “ newcomers “ All of them warn the customer about danger to lose such employee in some months.


the Table
Firm Phone the Category of the workers in which search the payment Form
Deloitte and Touche/ Ward Howell International 290 - 24 - 70 1 forward
GKR Neumann 208 - 40 - 11 1 forward
Hill International 253 - 13 - 29 1, 2 forward
Preng and Associates ** 952 - 74 - 21 1, 2 forward
Price Waterhouse 230 - 61 - 85 1, 2 by result
KPMG - Reviconsult 281 - 75 - 84 2 by result
Ernst and Young Vneshconsult 297 - 30 - 68 2 by result
the Anchor 261 - 92 - 62 2 by result
Eurospan 265 - 87 - 79 2 by result
Russian Connection 204 - 57 - 37 2 by result
Meteor Personnel 231 - 61 - 74 2, 3 by result
the Gaul - Supershots 203 - 36 - 07 2, 3 by result
Shots 237 - 42 - 03 2 is engaged τθπμΰ*, 3 by result
InPredKadry (UpDK) 202 - 35 - 05 2, 3 by result

*1 - the top management, 2 - managers of an average link, 3 - attendants
** specialises in an oil and gas complex