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The exchange market of oil: that the prices have fallen, they should be hitched up

it is not excluded that in the foreseeable future the prices of the Soviet exchange market of oil can spread downwards.
Under forecasts of experts, it should be promoted by realisation of two projects connected with Tyumen commodity - stock exchange, and focused on sharp increase in quantity of the oil realised through its auctions.
the First project is developed scientifically - the technical centre Hermes also assumes sale through TTFB parts of the oil extracted by the enterprises on account of the state order. The second is based on the offer to sell through a stock exchange of the right to working out and use zabalansovyh deposits, Observers, however, notice that sharp jump of the currency prices for oil at auctions TTFB can precede the general decrease.
Negotiations about possibility of realisation of projects with the minister of the oil and gas industry of the USSR Lvom Churilovym will take place, obviously on July, 15th, during its visit to Tyumen.

as the member of exchange council TTFB, the general director " has informed; Hermes Valery Neverov, the scientific and technological centre project assumes the agreement with the allied government, on which scientific and technological centre actually becomes the state broker - that is, will acquire the right to the means to buy at the extracting enterprises a certain part of oil from the state order. Oil will be bought at the fixed state-set prices and to be realised at auctions TTFB or its branches for currency, and at the world prices, which, according to experts Hermes it is considerable above the official export.
the state is supposed to deduct the sum corresponding to those which it would receive for usual export. Other currency, except for 3 % from a sum of transaction in advantage Hermes It will be distributed between local authorities and the extracting enterprises. The last, according to experts of scientific and technological centre, will lead to increase in emission of oil at the exchange market - at the expense of increase in incomes of the extracting enterprises and possibilities of acquisition of import technologies following from it and the equipment, volumes of extraction necessary for increase.
thus, podbros the currency prices for oil to world level should stimulate its inflow on TTFB and, finally, lead to reduction of prices - as to a consequence of competitive struggle of suppliers.

scientific and technological centre Hermes it is registered in August, 1990 as small enterprise. The Founder - the Tyumen state university specialises, in particular, on exchange trade in oil. An authorised capital stock - 10 thousand rbl.
Has 12 branches and branches, broker places on TTFB and RTSB.

Besides, to additional emission of oil on a stock exchange and consequently, growth of a competition among sellers and to reduction of prices will be promoted by prospective sale through TTFB the rights to working out and operation zabalansovyh region deposits (to the category zabalansovyh deposits concern, working out and which operation with use of the Soviet technology is recognised by unprofitable).
Under available data, the rights will be on sale for currency for the term up to 20 years.
It is supposed that the foreign firms having possibility to involve high technologies and the necessary equipment become the basic buyers. According to operating restrictions, they also should realise the oil extracted in region only through auctions TTFB.
Phone TTFB in Tyumen: 24 - 48 - 36. A fax: (3452 22 - 34 - 96. Phones in Moscow: 924 - 00 - 86, 923 - 73 - 97.
the Address of the Moscow branch of scientific and technological centre Hermes : Alexey Tolstoy`s street, 22/ 2, under. 5. Phones in Moscow: 291 - 22 - 55. Phones in Tyumen: (3452 22 - 60 - 75, 22 - 64 - 53.