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Review of results of aerospace salon

the Russian aircraft: it does not have not enough motor

Official results passing in Moscow (on August, 31st - on September, 5th) International aviation - space salon are not brought yet. But also before their leading it is possible to make some impression about the basic directions of development of the Russian space industry. It is expansion of the international cooperation, first of all in the field of projects dvigatelestroenija, and also instrument equipment, occurrence of private space and aviation programs (especially in the field of commercial starts of small-sized companions) and development of small aircraft.

At titans - the games
the Main event of an exhibition - the announcement of creation of joint venture OKB of Klimov and the Canadian branch of firm Pratt and Whitney (it is included into the American concern United Technologies). Joint venture Pratt and Whitney Canada/ Klimov Ltd., possibly, becomes the leading developer and the manufacturer gazoturbinnyh engines of small and average capacity in Russia and by 1994 will execute the first orders for OKB of Kamov, Beriova, Mile. Americans have received a controlling stock (51 %) in the new joint venture and, as president P &W Canada David Kaplan has declared (David Caplan), will deliver the equipment and technologies for manufacture of motors 600 - Hp PW - 200 for helicopters and 1,300 Hp Pt - 6 for planes.
motors of the Russian aircraft really do not suffice. This bottleneck of domestic aircraft, and the largest foreign manufacturers put here actively and without resorting to intermediaries.
another “ the marriageable bride “ - joint-stock company “ the Perm motors “ - For the present has not made a definitive choice, but for creation of the joint venture with this manufacturer of engines largest in Russia for civil aircraft two large foreign firms already struggle. One of them - the same American P &W, the second - French - American Snecma/ General Electric. Motors on which manufacture the new joint venture should be focused, are intended for air liners Silt - 96 - 300 and They are 204 with which the domestic air fleet will be re-equipped. According to the program of development of civil aircraft, till 2000 it is necessary to construct 675 planes of these types.
“ the Perm motors “ conduct while negotiations with both western firms. However Tom Haek (Tom Haek), the director of foreign projects of firm P &W, has declared to the correspondent that most likely negotiations already by the end of October will come to the end with signing of the agreement with its firm. Indirect acknowledgement of that the choice can be made in favour of the American technology, it is possible to consider agreements on cooperation in the field of astronautics which last day salon works have been signed the prime minister - the minister of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin and the vice-president of the USA by Elom Gorom (Al Gore). The decision concerning the joint venture with participation “ the Perm motors “ which will accept as a result “ above “ undoubtedly will influence the future of all “ big “ domestic aircraft.

“ a major “ is, and mood all the same minor
prospects of small aircraft in many respects depend On destiny Russian dvigatelestroenija also. By the way, on the Moscow salon, as well as on last air show in Le Burzhe, 60 % of the exposed devices have made the easy planes which have been not intended for operation on scheduled airlines. They were presented by all large domestic civil and military aviation firms.
according to experts, domestic planes of this category in all would surpass the western analogues, if not motors: for small aircraft of domestic serially made engines does not exist, behind an exception only one - M - 14 manufactures of the Voronezh motor factory, capacity of 360 l. With. This product quite good for the time to which possibilities flight Moscow - Australia - Moscow testifies, made last year federated members of fans of aircraft. The Smolensk aviation factory has renewed recently release of planes the Yak - 18Ò with the M engine - 14. Under this motor the sports plane presented on salon " is made; the Acrobat “ firms “ Aviation “. By estimations of experts, it can make a real competition of the Sou - 26.
But other, more modern serial engines are not present, and in a category of the workings out prepared for manufacture the correspondent has found out only one engine - “ the Major - 580 “ capacity of 54 l. With. It has presented to joint-stock company “ Dialektik “ and it is developed by the former chief designer OKB “ the Granite “ (motors for military aircraft) Feodor Shuhovym. Experts believe that this motor could make a competition to the western engines.
while firms prefer to put import motors on planes. For example, presented OKB it. JAkovleva the new six-seater plane the Yak - 54 - it corresponds to the western norms of the flight validity and is ready to start in a batch production - is equipped by the motor of American firm Lycoming. Motors of Austrian firm ROTAX (capacity 60 - 80 l. With.) Cars " are equipped; Aviation - 890 “ and “ Aviation - 890Ó “ the presented joint-stock companies “ Aviation “ which has been created by the Moscow aviation production association, design office MAI and Letnoispytatelnym institute (Zhukovsky). These planes are multipurpose, convenient for tourism, patrol and agricultural works. Experts “ Aviations “ consider that their planes are quite comparable with cars Sessna. For last one and a half year of joint-stock company has sold them more than hundred - to private persons from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, the USA, Australia, Brazil. It, undoubtedly, was promoted also by improbably low price - $16 - 24 thousand On planes was built turn - the factory has not time to provide demand.

“ we have more received, than have enclosed “
So Lyudmila Kazieva, sovladelitsa Russian - the American company " has summed up salon; Kazieva and Hermes “ become by the general sponsor of the Moscow section of salon (event, frankly speaking, not ordinary in the conditions of Russia where the device of such actions always was a prerogative of the state departments).
it is clear that Lyudmila Kazieva did not mean interesting commercial operation - creation of the joint company “ Hermes Aerospejs “ with the director of the Moscow section of an exhibition of Abaem Maurinym (it is not known, how many has gained “ Hermes Aerospejs “ trading in exhibition areas and tickets). G - zha Kazieva underlines that it has received unique possibility for 135 million roubles of a sponsor`s payment to communicate with all leading space firms of Russia and the world. Air show sponsoring - a part of the long-term commercial program of the company putting means in creation of the market of hi-tech production in Russia and in the CIS countries.
Lyudmila Kazieva, the native of Vinnitsa area of Ukraine, has created a private concern “ Hermes, ltd “ in 1988. As she said, the capital and the communications which have become by a basis of own business, to it has left in the inheritance “ the American aunt “. By 1993 firm “ Hermes, ltd “ became one of founders Military - the industrial investment company (last is known for the project on creation raketonositelja on the basis of combat missile SS - 25), a stock exchange “ Conversion “ and the trading house with the same name.
firm “ Kazieva and Hermes “ has been created in 1992. From the American side Eric Hejdok (Eric Haódock), the owner in total 17 companies worldwide, the marketing expert and the adviser for investment projects became its co-owner. These projects, by the way, happen the most different, for example - trade in rams. As it is surprising, operation on a transfer of rams planes from Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia had appeared rather favourable.
penetration into the sphere of space technologies until recently extremely coded, “ Kazieva and Hermes “ the beginnings of that has found and has involved in itself for work of the authoritative scientists perfectly knowing this area. Such, for example, as Igor Dyrov, the winner of the State award of the USSR. Being the deputy chief of department of the Ministry of the defensive industry of the USSR, Dyrov prosecuted subjects, in particular, manufactures of drilling units and manufacture of nuclear reactors; now he is a director of department of firm in Russia. Firm projects “ Kazieva and Hermes “ In the field of the space industry Vladimir Protsun, the physicist on a speciality, working earlier on responsible posts in the Ministry of mechanical engineering and the Ministry of instrument making of the USSR conducts.
in 1992 “ Kazieva and Hermes “ financed manufacture and start into an orbit of two essentially new small-sized companions “ the Peony - Hermes “ the developed KB “ the Photon “ - operation has not brought commercial success, but has allowed firm to create to itself in the West image “ devoted “ in secrets of Soviet space.
activity and generosity of firm in the sphere most attractive to the western customers did not remain without attention and the Russian enterprises VPK with which in 90 - h years cut a state financing umbilical cord. And as all their communications with an external world were carried out until then under the care of the state, oboronka, that “ to get on in the world “ was in great need in the guide. “ Kazieva and Hermes “ Has involved with their not only American money, but also the western management.
“ yes, we, through our branches, carry out the international marketing of domestic technologies. But we are not the channel of leak of these technologies on the West. We do not buy technology, we do not develop, we do not sell. We help to apply technologies “ - tells Kazieva.
In practice strategy is that: the firm is the intermediary between the American investor and the Russian founders of high technologies, becoming the third participant of process who is industrial more often.
who thus is the owner of a product? Heads of firm modestly hold back it. However g - n Hejdok in one of the interviews has declared that bears ambitious dream to transform firm “ Kazieva and Hermes “ in the first in territory of Russia “ The huge company - a conglomerate to compete to foreign giants in the field of aircraft, astronautics, high technologies “. Today the firm has representations in the USA, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, Poland and on Taiwan. Company branches are located in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, in Ukraine.
as participants of an exhibition, “ Kazieva and Hermes “ have presented the synthetic diamonds which technology of industrial production is developed in NPO “ the Union “ headquarters plant on manufacture of firm rocket fuel, and also original sources of a current (the big capacity - small volume) for under abnormal condition - saving systems of manufacture of enterprise VPK from Chelyabinsk. Certainly, at the stand there were also small-sized companions “ the Peony - Hermes “ KB manufactures “ the Photon “.

With number of managements there was a search
the Air show was spent by forces of two managements and on three platforms, that is its organizational form refinement did not differ, as did not differ also efficiency.
organizers of action have actually reduced together two before outlined actions: the next exhibition “ the Aerospace “ and the next International aerospace salon. We will remind that an exhibition “ the Aerospace “ passed in 1990 on VDNH, and its head Abaj Maurin of that time planned to spend next time in its autumn of 1993 in airdrome in the Cuban. The international aerospace salon last year passed in Zhukovsky, following has been appointed to autumn of 1994. But, in - the first, two same international actions to Russia with an interval in a year to spend senselessly, and in - the second, the prestigious air show is already planned for autumn of 1994 in Farnboro (Great Britain). Therefore the government has made decision to spend a uniform air show in the autumn of 1993 in that kind in what it and has passed.
the organizational structure which has arisen as a result and hierarchy of chiefs are worthy the separate story. Business was so. Valery Voskoboynikov, the deputy chief of department of aviation industry Roskomoboronproma was the General director of salon. At it was two assistants: Yury Bardin - the first vice-president of joint-stock company “ Aviation industry “ (this former Ministry of the aviation industry) and Victor Chujko - the president of Association “ the Union aviation dvigatelestroenija “ (ASSAD), the former deputy minister of the aviation industry of the USSR. Each assistant had a director: Yury Nagaev, the general director Russian - the German enterprise “ the Aircraft exhibition “ Was responsible for Zhukovsky section of the International aerospace salon and Abaj Maurin - the chief of department of standardization TSIAM, the general director of firm " submitted to Bardin, and; Hermes Aerospejs “ - accordingly for the Moscow section of salon Chujko also submitted. Each director had a management. Each management had the account and sold the tickets.
as a result of the arisen confusion many rather poor domestic-owned firms amusing by hope of foreign attention, have settled in the rain and a wind in airdrome in Zhukovsky and simply have not caught sight “ firmacham “ which have concentrated in the most convenient and expensive pavilion “ the Forum “ on Red Presne.
it is necessary to hope that the following air show will pass in the organizational relation is more sensible. The management of Roskomoboronproma was already inclined to opinion that he should be spent in one place, and one management for this purpose will be quite enough.