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Yeltsin has spent uik - end in fight for peace

In 22. On September, 30 20th Yeltsin`s plane has landed in Baku. Hardly earlier there there has arrived Nazarbayev. When this number surrendered in printing house, presidents went to Stepanakert, than subjected itself to doubtless risk. On the night of September, 15th the Azerbaijan OMON hardly has not shot their three predecessors - the deputies of the Moscow Council who has arrived in Karabah with similar mission of the world.

on September, 14th in the Azerbaijan village Shafek fired by Armenians, there have arrived deputies of the Moscow Council Lev Balashov, Belief of Hudalieva and Dmitry Kataev. Under the version of the Lion Balashova harassed by bombardment the Azerbaijan OMON fighters began to blame deputies for inactivity, have got excited and have captivated them. Balashov ran at night when deputies as it seemed to it, conducted on execution. OMON fighters long shot to it following.
Under the version of Kataeva stated by it to the correspondent danger did not threaten Muscovites, and Balashov has maliciously exaggerated. Simply when he has decided to run, OMON fighters began to shoot at air. To explain, why, Kataev could not.
in a permanent representative of Azerbaijan of the correspondent also have assured that nothing threatened the Moscow visitors, but have added: Balashov not the man as has thrown the woman - Hudalievu - in danger . On September, 20th late at night world watch have accepted arrived to Baku within the limits of the joint initiative presidents Yeltsin and Nazarbayev. According to plan on a meeting with Mutalibovym it is taken away three hours, then - a departure to Stepanakert, a five-hour meeting with a management and the people of Karabaha, a departure to Yerevan, three hours - with Rubbed - Petrosyan and on September, 22nd returning home.
Both in Baku, and in Yerevan a trip consider as purely fact-finding.
However, on September, 21st in Baku has passed meeting of the Popular front of Azerbaijan with the requirement to Yeltsin to refrain from possible intervention in affairs of sovereign Azerbaijan.
and to reduce the risk connected with stay of high persons in so restless region, a day before Yeltsin to Baku there has arrived the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR Victor Barannikov.