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That it is possible to read in “ the Foreigner “

Read in a weekly journal “ Iνξρςπΰνεφ “ #14

In section “ Work “ - the information for those who wants to go on currency earnings. In particular, recommendations neevrejam, wishing to get a job in Israel.
“ tourism “ this time tells about exotic rest on a sultan beach of Bahrain. Men of means learn how to make the order for acquisition of the high quality sea yacht of French firm Beneteau.
“ Money “ - the next report of courses of foreign currencies in relation to US dollar. And also recommendations about acquisition of cosy habitation in Switzerland.
favourably or not today to fly flights “ Aeroflot “? The newspaper gives advice as from the cheapest ticket of economy class to squeeze out a maximum of privileges (section “ Technology of departure “) .
Upasi God to appear with business visit to Brazil, when in the country the heat of carnival holidays. All your plans will depart to hell. That it has not occurred, “ I “ gives the full information on on what days “ walk “ in Europe, Japan, Egypt, Israel and many other countries (“ Regional geography “).
you want to be trained on the American system? Now for this purpose it is not necessary to go for ocean. It is necessary to come to the International centre of training in Moscow: in the college which has opened here of employment Americans on American, naturally, system conduct. Read about it you can in section “ Formation “.
“ the Turn “ this time it is devoted “ andergraundnoj “ to a customs aspect of life.