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How you have achieved it?

show which has constructed Dessa

on September, 15th thousand the admirers who are curious and it is simple fanatics, having passed safety pickets on the way to the Central arena of Luzniki, mokli under an autumn Moscow rain in expectation of Michael Jackson. Waters which so did not suffice Michael in Thailand, here, in Russia, was more than it is necessary. Moscow was covered with continuous rain front. 600 persons preparing shows directly in Luzniki, by then not closing an eye already almost the third days, nervously glanced in heavens when they for this purpose had a free second. To the beginning the tenth workers of firm the Gleam after efforts lasting many hours have managed to suspend a rain. And that, in what many did not trust, has taken place. Heal the World Dangerous World Tour 1993 has proceeded in Moscow, that day what has been appointed in the contract signed by Munich concert firm Mama Concerts and Rau and the Moscow company Dessa .

the Company Dessa it is registered on August, 5th, 1992. An authorised capital stock - 10 thousand rbl. Founders - private persons. The president of the company - film director Samvel Gasparov. Character of activity the various: from direct deliveries of the foodstuffs (the turn for half a year has made $800 thousand) Before shootings of films (3 pictures are removed) and the organisation of art exhibitions. Now trading operations and film studio financing are curtailed. The company Dessa became the official organizer of the Moscow tours of Michael Jackson.

the choice made in Russia representatives of Michael Jackson, apparently, shocked domestic show - the world: nobody knew that it for firm such - Dessa and why it managed the rights to the organisation of the Moscow concert of Michael? The shade of scandal pursuing Jackson in tour on Jugo - East Asia (FBI investigation, constant carryings over of concerts from - for feeling sick which diligently appeared cancellations ) It has appeared affectionate. About organizers of the Moscow concert of a press wrote as about tabachno - vodka magnates bribed Jackson`s managers almost. The astrological forecasts asserting were published that on August, 15th at stadium of Lenin the dump is possible, and it is better not to go there. In some newspapers without permission Dessy there was an old advertising of liquors ( Dessa for a long time trades in nothing). And in day of a concert Metroreklama declared from loud-speakers that the concert is excellent (it becomes especially interesting if to consider that to it money for the opposite information) has been paid.
Now, when already all behind, employees Dessy a little suppressed by weariness lasting many days and an emotional pressure, not undertake at all guess, what passions and what money they surrounded the show, which Moscow part have organised. Having a bite in the chilled buffet under stadium tribunes, they only sardonicheski grin: ` Pepsi ` you will be?
on October, 1st, 1992 the president Dessy Samvel Gasparov was in Bucharest. It has arrived on negotiations with representatives of Florida movie company Trans Glob (it was a question of acquisition by Americans of several scenarios) and has found the Romanian capital in the known agiotage usually accompanying tours of Michael Jackson all over the world. The Romanian organizer of a concert of Paul Oprish was nervous. Old friend Samvela, Elizabeth Bostan`s film director who should shoot a film about these tours was nervous also. Samvel then has helped Elizabeth. Together they have finished shooting 24 hours of materials. Later from them the film which up to that moment remains the only thing resolved for translation has been mounted. And when all it has come to an end, Paul has asked Samvela: And why to you not to invite Michael to Moscow?
Attempts to invite Michael to Moscow already were undertaken. Carried on such negotiations, for example, Stas Namin, but unsuccessfully. To anybody, certainly, and the thought did not come to a head that the Russian firm can independently cope with the organisation of such concert. But the president of Munich company Mama Concerts and Rau Marseilles Abram, the official organizer of show of Jackson, has told Samvelu: Warum nicht?
Really, why also is not present? - has wondered Samvel and began to dial the Moscow telephone number. Five its young colleagues on Desse were in Moscow and anything about the Bucharest events did not know. From the point of view of the president, they were efficient children - Dmitry Zhurin, Cand.Econ.Sci. who has ended Oxford, Evgenie Bachurin, the graduate of the faculty of foreign languages who has served three years in Cuba, his brother Ilya, the professional translator, lawyer Alexey Nagornyj, the engineer - a system analyst Sergey Belikov. But any of them till that day had no relation to show - to business.
children, - Samvel has told it, - To Moscow there will arrive very important people for us. Accept them and show to all of them that will ask . Representatives Mama Concerts and Rau came to Moscow twice - in the beginning of June, 1993 and in the middle of July. children met them and showed about what they asked, at all without suspecting, to what it is all tends.
employees Mama Concerts and Rau the improbable spectrum of interests of the potential partner interested: from the organisation of transportations before maintenance with cellular communication, from financial competence to ability to get on with the authorities. But for the first time they have accurately formulated the offers in the fax which has come from Munich after their second arrival.
if Russian show - the world has been amazed by the offer made Desse also itself Dessa has been amazed not less. To be called the official organizer of a concert of Michael Jackson in Moscow, it was necessary to find some probable platforms on a choice, to place three groups ( A B and C ) In the Moscow hotels to provide safety, to organise automobile, cargo and air transport and to make still which - that, yet not detailed. With the answer they waited week, counting all possible variants. A week later to Munich the confirming fax has left: Dessa has got down to business. In some days therefrom has followed invitations for signing of the small contract.
the small contract on five pages transferred the companies Dessa such rights: an exclusive right on the concert organisation, the right to two-single display Romanian a film, the right the first refusal (usual show - practice when firm - the customer undertakes to address first of all next time to firm - to the contractor).
the List objaznnostej was longer: very rigid financial conditions - contract payment, payment of all local expenses; communication, transport, safety; The equipment of offices, make-up rooms, premises for pyrotechnics storage; assistance in scene and equipment installation, the organisation of the official invitation of Jackson at last. (Jackson Luzhkov has invited.)
Curious details. For group C (technicians) the hotel " has been offered; Ukraine . For B (the heads of an average hand) - the President - Hotel for group A (Michael with retinue) - the governmental private residences on mountains Vorobevyh. Jackson`s command has chosen Ukraine and Metropol . During the stay in Moscow Jackson lived in Metropole gave from its windows to admirers up as a bad job, went to have dinner in restaurant at hotel (meal it was prepared by local experts under the direction of the personal cook - the Hindu), walked on streets and that is absolutely unprecedented, all it so was pleasant to it that he has refused to leave Moscow right after a concert and remained for one day.
from outside Moscow seems an infinite source of chaos. But at it from what party to look. Practice Dessy Has shown that in Moscow it is possible to make all and even more than all. Traditional skill avralit and to be mobilised contrary to all rules and the formalities, added on to usual desire not to strike in a dirt the person before abroad has created miracles.
Moscow on August, 10th, on initial plans, should become starting city Heal the World Dangerous World Tour 1993. Bill Clinton who has invited Jackson to Washington for solemn transfer of money in the American children`s fund was the originator of carrying over on the middle of September. The planned schedule has failed, and it was necessary to search urgently for Moscow for a new niche. When representatives Dessy have arrived to Munich to sign the prime contract, on September, 15th it has already been discussed, and more date did not change. Certainly on the Moscow weather it there was not the best date.
on September, 12th Jackson has arrived to Moscow. Together with it problems have arrived. That was repeatedly discussed, but became carelessly because very few people from accessory manufacturers seriously trusted a concert reality (in the show organisation has been involved besides Dessy 25 foreign and 30 domestic-owned firms and the organisations), it was suddenly started turning by a tornado. The Dzheksonovsky command which should arrive one charter, was tightened separately and quite often without visas. The scene delivered from England, has appeared nedoukomplektovannoj. People Dessy slept in the Sheremetyevo and searched approaching dvutavrovye for beams. And Michael has absolutely unexpectedly started to walk on shops, frightening protection.
on contract conditions at installation 220 t the equipment our role was purely auxiliary - a tax, to bring. In practice it was necessary to solve the most complicated engineering problems, - the vice-president ` tells Dessy ` Evgenie Bachurin. - and the work most part Americans, and we have made not. Without any conversations the firm was connected to business ` Fate - Stedzh `. Its heads Nikolay Konovalov and Sergey Miroshnik have made impossible - the scene and light were is mounted for days .
Certainly, one heads worked not. In Luzniki and the construction battalion worked. And, certainly, except assistants there were frank robbers. The cost price of the Moscow concert has appeared extremely high (in 1,5 - 2 times more expensively usual). The prices for all services were appointed other-wordly (often above world) and, of course, in dollar equivalents. Dessa paid without bargaining - absence of any 600 sheets of plywood which urgently it was required to lay under mikshersky the panel, threatened with failure of all action. And so - with any trifle. But that is amazing: unsoluble problems was not. In present Moscow all is possible. Expensively, but quickly and accurately. According to Marseilles Abram, the number of small punctures (has not taken place in time a fax, the driver was late) corresponded srednemirovym to norms and the general organisation in offered circumstances has appeared even above.
some words about tickets: among other fairy tales (for example, that to Moscow Michael Jackson has arrived not, and Michael Jackson`s double) the statement as if the Moscow tickets were the most expensive in the world has flown. For comparison: in China the bottom threshold has made $50, in Bankoke - $30, in Japan the average price of the ticket was $150. So at srednemirovoj to the price of tickets for this sort of concerts of tour in $50 we was not the highest, and one of the lowest. And it provided that cost of tickets becomes attached the contract to the sizes of the cost price. 5 thousand tickets free of charge were rozdany to children - to orphans, 14 thousand - to adult invalids.
before - penultimate: money for all this history Dessa On - visible, has not earned, it is good, if remained at the. It is necessary to write on - visible as financial side, on contract conditions, is confidential. Information and heavenly blockade of show have affected: tickets have really been sold not all.
penultimate: Jackson remained is very happy.
and the last: before to answer a question, whether gathers Dessa to operate in the same spirit, its vice-president has thought and has told: Yes, I think next time it there will be a Madonna . Interesting, what weather will be next time.