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Red mercury to find difficultly. To buy

on September, 19th a press - the secretary of federal Ministry of Internal Affairs CHSFR has informed journalists new details of scandal with red mercury, about which wrote in N 37 (87). On September, 20th in edition the person, asked not to inform his name has addressed, and has stated the interpretation scientifically - technical and commercial schemes of manufacture, sale and application of red mercury.

In the end of August in cheho - the Slovak airport near Ostrava the militia special division without results searched for 60 kg of red mercury, ostensibly kontrabandno taken out of the USSR. However, country law enforcement bodies could not result any proofs of this version.

the Voluntary informant Has explained that red mercury is the chemical compound representing salt rtutistoj of acid.
It is applied in electronic systems of prompting of rockets, torpedoes. The unique deposit in the world is in the USSR, where - that in the north : there under very big pressure in tectonic breaks mercury can incorporate to antimony.
the industrial production essence consists in finishing substance to the necessary cleanliness.
to Firm of the informant, as he said, have ordered 112 kg of red mercury under formula Sb2O7Hg2 with cleanliness 99,9999. In March the order kontrabandno have taken out from the USSR in automobile accumulators that it was found out by the metal detector. Red mercury forwarded then from Estonia to Yugoslavia, therefrom through Cuba presumably to Iraq. Transportation from Tallinn provided estonsko - Soviet - the Gibraltar joint venture.
cost of red mercury - about 350 thousand Dollars for kg. In total from the USSR it has been taken out an order of 400 kg. It is now ready to contraband about 280 kg.
in the country there are only two installations for clearing of red mercury: one in Moscow, one in Lvov at Soviet - the Yugoslavian joint venture. The third installation was in kurchatovskom institute, but it has closed KGB, and without having understood that this such.
in the scientist for a kilogramme paid 22 - 25 thousand roubles, sold the goods for dollars, and profit translated into foreign accounts.
making comments cheho - Slovak scandal, the informant has expressed doubt in that through CHSFR transported red mercury but if it and there was it transportirovshchikov, in its opinion, someone from competitors has substituted.
employees of an allied criminal investigation department too have addressed in also have informed that collect a material about transportirovshchikah this substance. They have sent in CHSFR inquiry through the Interpol, but the answer while is not present. The press - the secretary cheho - Slovak militia has told on September, 19th to journalists that does not reject possibility of cooperation with the Soviet colleagues.
the deputy director kurchatovskogo institute Nikolay Ponomarev - Steppe and the chief of department of institute Anatoly Senchenkov have told to the correspondent that KGB really showed interest to red mercury. They have confirmed that at institute studied a problem of creation of this substance, but in its manufacture were not engaged also installations such have no.