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Monino - sell nats. Pride velikorossov

On an aviamuseum in Monino have spat from the big height

last week in Monino situated near Moscow where takes place well-known the Museum of the Air Forces arrival of the prime minister of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin expected. Employees of a museum hope that the chief executive can help perishing in the face of, but still to the richest with the world moninskoj to a collection of planes which would make national pride of any country.
but, distracted by problems in the government, the prime minister could not visit Monino. Visit have transferred, while - this week.

the collection of planes collected in Monino exists as laboratory Military - air academy of Ju.A.Gagarin. It takes place in the airdrome subordinated also VVA of Gagarin. The collection has no legal status of a museum, but informally is called the Museum of the Air Forces .

Planes departure abroad
In the beginning of June in Monino there was a foreign visitor - the employee of auction Sotheby ` s Peter Batkin. The visitor has brought the whole folder of the offers, concerning funds moninskogo the Museum of the Air Forces : auction as it was found out, had the information on mass export from Russia of the rare aviation technics at the lowest prices. G - n Batkin believed that consultations with Sotheby ` s will allow a museum to sell the collection technics not on cheap stuff and how she deserves that - through world famous and most expensive auction. The visitor has been much surprised, having learnt that the museum, despite the poverty, does not conduct any commerce, and the aviation technics appearing abroad from Russia to the only thing in our country to an aviamuseum has no relation and it appears there illegally.
Now, as the correspondent has found out to take out the plane abroad, it is enough to obtain only the permit of the Polytechnical museum certifying that the device of historical value does not represent, and to pay the small duty. And it is possible to make even easier: employees the Museum of the Air Forces assert that some planes, the real price of each of which more than one million dollars, have been taken out from Russia under the pretext of scrap metal. By words Peter Batkina, only in 1992 for limits of Russia it has been taken out about 40 planes of times of the Second World War, including such rare models, as the Yak - 1, Me - 109, Fokevulf - 190, Harrikejn R - 40 the Mustang .
G - n Batkin has data on that, as this year from Russia restored Me - 109 has been taken out. As it was possible to learn to the correspondent, - 109 sankt - the Petersburg customs has detained one more Me in April - it tried to forward to Finland. The planes taken out from Russia were on sale to secondhand dealers at the price of $20 - 30 thousand Museums and private collectors if to judge under catalogues of technical curiosities, buy the restored planes on $1 - 2 million
the Same plane if it is capable to fly, costs much more expensively. The overwhelming majority of exhibits of two American state aviamuseums - National in Washington and Dajtonovsky (State of Ohio) - are able to fly. And in the private museum of French collector Jean Salisa located near Paris, from 120 planes of times of the Second World War in working order - 80 including the Yak - 3 which, by the way, is not present in the Russian meeting and which as the Russian collectors consider, has got to France from Russia just under the pretext of scrap metal . From the Russian collection of planes in air units are capable to rise only - on their reconstruction there are no means.

that such Museum of the Air Forces
G - n Batkin has not casually gone in moninsky the Museum of the Air Forces : as recognised the International council of museums (ICOM), this collection of flying machines - the richest in the world.
more than 150 units of aviation technics, 120 aviation engines, more than 2000 samples of aviation arms make collection funds. Its pearl is the unique copy which has remained in the world of the plane Vuazen 1909 of release. Museum exhibits acted in film in numerous films, and one of them - Forman 1910 of release - has set up a record, naletav on shootings 53 hours. Are presented in Monino and modern fighting vehicles, including the Sou - 24 and the Instant - 29.
Besides, in a museum are stored more than 2500 relikvijnyh documents on history and fighting application of the Air Forces, including the archives which have been taken out from Germany after war, the truth, till now not unpacked. The meeting includes the rare documents arriving here is direct from special design offices, including on planes which and have not gone to a series.
some of these losers not got to a batch production from - for intrigues and disagreements between leading designers of aviation technics, till now represent practical interest. For example, the M bomber - 50 (KB of Mjasishcheva). Created in 1961, it reached three sound speeds, and range of its flight allowed to dump a hydrogen bomb in any point of the USA and to return back on base to the USSR (that in itself means as you understand, only that the plane good). Instead of it to a series has gone They be 22 which, by estimations of art dealers (and they are experts in the business), essentially conceded M - 50 under fighting characteristics. The same destiny has comprehended also one more bomber which pre-production model has been created in 1971 - the Sou - 100, the plane from the titan whom, having the big range of flight, accelerated momentum, exceeding three a sound .
about cost moninskoj collections are not present the Exact data - many exhibits are unique, and consequently, have no extraauction price. By the official estimations spent in 1991 by the Ministry of Defence, the collection costs an order 2 mlrd roubles, but inflation has repeatedly increased this figure. And the collection has in this time replenished. On its maintenance money, and considerable is required, - and they are not present.
According to employees of laboratory, absence of the status of a museum does not give possibility to fill up funds and to co-operate with other museums of the world. But now not this main thing - was lived by a museum of 35 years in the closed airdrome in Monino, and by protection has been provided, and as the American museums, could fill up funds at the expense of the new technics.
Now it is a question of museum existence as that.

the prime minister Can land?
In airdrome prepare for arrival of the honoured guest - Victor Tchernomyrdin intends to visit Monino, probably, this week. Art dealers hope that will arrive and will judge.
and porazbiratsja is in what. All planes have arrived here under the own steam, having made landing on moninskom airdrome including They be 144. It means that take-off - landing strips have been adapted for reception heavy supersonic aircraft technicians. were - now the airdrome can accept unless the helicopter. The airdrome part is given by the decision of the chief of academy Boris Korolkova under building of brick cottages. The first stage - 150 two-storeyed buildings is now erected, and 600 houses are planned to construct all. Laying communications, military builders have rummaged all airdrome, have destroyed concrete take-off - a landing strip and rulezhnye paths. The heavy building technics has broken a soil strip. The airdrome spontaneously accustoms truck farmers and is built up with garages.
to all other in airdrome territory the car repair shop of cars - foreign cars is under construction. Expert people explain last circumstance affinity of airdrome Chkalovsky which should serve the air bridge for a transfer of the armies deduced from Germany. Transport planes with property of staff and any services there will land. Well military: the customs is, and the second-hand cars which have arrived from Germany to Chkalovsk, can near, in Monino, have training preselling preparation and further, under the own steam - on a car market, to which all - that of 23 kilometres.
Protection from a museum, according to those who there was, is almost removed - it protects cottages, and the exposition is ruined in the meantime. At the chief of a museum, the senior lecturer of academy of the Air Forces Vladimir Tolkova, the long list of that is plundered, broken, broken, dismantled lies. In 1992, as he said, has burnt down two planes. Guilty have not found. Possibly, the academy of Gagarin does not have on it time, and employees of a museum not in a condition to provide its safety. Like even a Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces Peter Dejnekin would support initiative group of officers and veterans of the Air Forces achieving preservation of a museum. And at the same time the chief of academy Boris Korolkov has already warned Vladimir Tolkova about incomplete office conformity that, means, remembered that the initiative is punishable.
it is interesting that at all it airdrome Monino, under the certificate of competent persons, on - former is in the list of operative airdromes of the Air Forces and Should be ready to reception of fighting vehicles . Under the unchecked data, this airdrome is spare Chkalovsky on which the governmental planes are based. And to restore airdrome already hardly it will be possible. We will hope that g - n Tchernomyrdin will use motor transport and not begins to experiment with take-off - a landing strip.
According to malicious garrison languages, Victor Stepanovicha are going to treat with a dinner in a museum piece - They be 114, that on which Nikita Sergeevich flied to America to show Kuzma`s mother . The salon of this plane ostensibly differs an abundance of sofas and tables, but the main thing - from its windows not to see neither spoilt take-off - a landing strip, nor exhibits of a museum. And destiny of the last still under the threat, after all not only members of the government visit him, many different persons turn near moninskogo airdrome.

Moninsky planes badly lie
In due time has appeared, and often in a museum the American lawyer Din Ketcham showing undisguised interest to archives then began happen. He has suggested to transfer at own expense all archives on laser disks, guaranteeing high quality of record, but without guaranteeing that the copy will be unique. As have then found out monintsy g - n Ketcham has visited also other museums: aircraft and astronautics, Zhukovsky, everywhere being interested not in the newest, but still of value technical workings out. Only museum workers have got rid of Ketchama as there was Jeffrey Bek - the banker, ready to buy the Russian aviation technologies of the past and the present, but only after their examination in Harward. Still it the concrete people developing know - how in aircraft construction, for the conclusion of contracts interested. G - on Beka have sent after g - nom Ketchamom.
Having learnt that money for repair of buildings is urgently necessary to a museum, the Russian society of aviabuilders in the name of vice-president Alexander Kotenkov has offered Military - air academy of Gagarin to sign the contract with private American the Museum of Champlina (Arizona) on export for exhibiting of six planes for a period of three years. The museum of Champlina collecting fighters, wanted to receive rare cars - the Yak - 23, the Yak - 11, La - 11 - for a planned exhibition of planes of times of the Second World War. The museum hoped for a solid large sum at a rate of $5 - 6 million a year taking into account a receipt of collection copies (one copy costs from $100 to $300). However any guarantees of return of devices Americans on themselves did not take and to insure exhibits refused.
under this contract the academy should receive $12 thousand a year and was ready to sign the contract, at all without having informed a museum. When planes have been already packed into containers for sending, the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces has interfered and sending have braked. But planes still in containers.

in due time g - n Batkin admired moninskoj with a collection, has suggested a museum to collect old flying machines and to restore them for the subsequent legal realisation at auction. This idea was not carried out. In particular because the museum management has met her with vigilance: the representative of auction thus could buy up planes at firms which aircraft technicians are engaged in search and restoration fighting.
is among them teneviki which search on woods and bogs, pull out from - under waters and sell abroad combat material of times of Patriotic war, throwing out remains of pilots and destroying their documents. With them the museum of business had no. But there are also solid, quite legally operating companies at the expense of which work the collection fairly replenished. Open Company Avion From Novosibirsk, for example, has restored and has transferred in a museum of the Air Forces fighter R - 63 King - the Cobra and now works over bombers And - 20 Boston - 25 Mitchel and fighter R - 39 the Aerocobra collecting own collection lend - lizovskih planes.
the museum hoped that can receive rather cheaply all or at least some of these planes, but such money which could offer Avionu Peter Batkin, neither it, nor academy, naturally, have no. Heads of a museum consider that if it managed to achieve independence and to restore airdrome money would be. There is even a project as them to search, - to create school of pilots - fans. In it for the big payment rich people, including from - for a boundary willingly would study.
Actually as believe in, independence and sensible, and thus also the fair manager - the businessman would help a museum to rise on feet and to gain money, and for them to put in order and to fill up an exposition which would make pride of any aviation museum in an every spot on the globe where local residents already know that such the plane. In Russia, seemingly, local residents already start to forget about it.

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