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Read in weekly journal Iностранец # 15

Read in a weekly journal У Iностранец У #15

answering eternal questions of tomorrow`s emigrants, the newspaper informs on the latest news of exit life.
everything, as to employment abroad, - in section У Work У. This time practical recommendations to the dancers will be made, concordant to work in Peru, and also to the Russian seamen who are not afraid for good money to float on a vessel, belonging to the American company.
У technology of departure У. As, living abroad, for example, in Israel to sell, hand over or privatise the apartment in Moscow.
У regional geography У. Councils the uninitiated: than it is impossible to treat, say, the Arab and that it makes sense to order, for example, in Finland for a dessert.
in section У Formation У It is told about opening of national schools at embassies of Lithuania, Estonia and Armenia, about results of a traditional seminar of the Jewish students of Europe which passed in Spain.
from this number in У i У there is a new constant section: У Grants, training У. It is addressed those scientists and experts who already many are able, however wishes to raise the earnings and qualification. Having read this number, humanists learn how to receive the Soros fund grant, financiers - how to go on training to France, and notaries will be educated concerning chances of training in the International educational centre of the USA.