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Advertising Spirits Klima - 1/ 8 - ours

Spirits Klima - France, Lankom

to Attention of all wholesale and retail buyers

Be careful, to you offer a fake from Tunis.
Difference of a fake from the original:
- a negligent cellophane cover
- on the bottom part of a case it is printed Copyright Lancome 1979 without a badge With which is obligatory
- an inscription on a case Made in France Absent on original production
- glass bottle and a stopper have many defects
- a band on a bottle neck velvety and differs from a silky band on the original
- at perevertyvanii original packing by a stopper downwards the bottle does not drop out of a nest
Firm Lankom warns that the unique agent in Russia is joint-stock company Temde Ltd. Moscow.

phone: (095 253 - 17 - 79, 253 - 24 - 16.