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Gaydar`s Thoughts on how to equip economy of Russia . For the first time for the press Egor Gaydar has acted as the author of the program of economic reforms. The comment to gajdarovskoj concepts of lifting of the Russian economy prepared for the block the Choice of Russia 4

the Conjuncture does not favour to stockjobbing . Within the last week potential efficiency of resales in the exchange market continued to decrease. All prices of week 7
the Brazilian footwear becomes the perspective goods . But while dealers prefer to trade in clothes of summer assortment. Small wholesale and retail 8
The fly on a market has gone, and the market already is not present . Before the markets of street trade there was a problem of a survival 8

market rate Growth has stopped decrease in cash quotations . At last - that the Central Bank has ceased to constrain a dollar rate increase, and simply tries to make its growth smooth. The auctions on DM on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange became daily. The review of the currency markets 10
Dealers prefer pound sterling as last week dollar falling has proceeded. Courses of foreign currencies 11
This week will show . A relentless dollar exchange rate at a stock exchange and in forecasts: Boris Fedorov too has lifted a lath to 1400 R/ $12

the End of the year: the failure of the state capital investments clears away a way to private investors . There comes rather successful time for investments in some branches and manufactures. The review of investments 13
Privatization strategy has resisted in Moscow. Fights round privatisation on regions would not inflame. The review of privatisation 16

Inkombank splits up actions on purpose to make their more liquid . Fairly having provided decrease in a course of state credit obligations this week, experts have excluded them from an investment portfolio, having avoided 70 - thousand losses 20
the Story about Kuznetskstroe and people of Kuznetsk . The investment characteristic of the privatised giant of the first five-years period - Kuznetsk metallurgical industrial complex 22

the order of collecting of the alimony 24
Rules of sale of the goods of long using on credit 25
the state inspection on protection of freedom of press and the mass information 26

On an aviamuseum in Monino have spat from the big height . Either export of pilots, or export of curiosities - such is destiny of the collection richest in the world aircraft technicians in Monino 28

Enemies have burnt a native hut . The review of the criminal chronicle 30