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Andreotti in Moscow: adventures of Italians in Russia are postponed

22 - on September, 23rd the chairman of the council of ministers of Italy Dzhulio Andreotti has carried on negotiations with president Gorbachev, having promised not to leave sovgrazhdan forthcoming winter and to join the feeding.
However as observers mark, Andreotti has been disappointed by results of stay in Moscow as the main meeting of its visit - with the president of Russia Yeltsin who has urgently left with mission in Karabah has not taken place.

with old caro Dzhulio Gorbachev has begun the Meeting with the picturesque description of history of the failed revolution with variations on a theme mea culpa which especially go right to the president recently, and assurances that the situation is under control . The last has especially interested the Italian visitor, wished to find out, under whose control and with whom except caro Michael it is possible to deal now. Gorbachev, even more often speaking on behalf a State Council name, has stated again arguments to own advantage.
after discussion of lofty matters have passed to prose - than to eat sovgrazhdanam in the winter. The penetrating cold of the Moscow autumn and future winter icy colds have caused sincere sympathy of the messenger of the warm Apennines, and he has agreed on purchases of the Italian foodstuffs on account of the credit given before the USSR in 3 billion dollars. Thus the foodstuffs, according to the Italian party, it is better to transfer per customer, instead of to arrange the interrepublican races, capable to cause only insults of the deprived. Estimating this statement, observers state doubts in ability of Italians to fill up sovgrazhdan a spaghetti, let even on credit, - as the loan granted by them for third is already spent.
However the pleasure of a meeting with the old friend has been saddened by that another has not taken place - and, according to observers, the main meeting - with Yeltsin.
the Russian president has in writing notified Andreotti on the trip to Karabah, but Andreotti has been rather disappointed, and so that has reduced short conversation with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrevym to a minimum. Observers consider that interest of Andreotti in a meeting with Yeltsin is connected, in particular, with concern of the Italian politicians (as, however, and other Europeans) that the management of Russia gives obvious preference to dialogue from the USA, Germany and Japan.