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There has passed week

Debate under the economic program proceed

on February, 17th under the chairmanship of Michael Gorbachev (and under the aegis of the fund with the same name) has passed meeting of the economists anyhow involved in working out of recommendations about updating of a course of economic reforms. The Russian Academy of Sciences was represented by academicians Leonid Abalkin, Nikolay Petrakov, Yury Jaremenko, member-correspondents of Vladlen Martynov and Vadim Medvedev. Official analytical services have been presented by Andrey Illarionov (for old time`s sake) and Alexander Livshits (the analytical centre at the president of Russia). From an economic wing of the Duma there was Sergey Glazyev, from free economists - Evgenie Yasin and Nikita Kirichenko.
the course of the government of reforms has undergone at a meeting to business criticism, and is especially bright - in Nikolay Petrakova`s performance. It has seasoned the reasons with the following history: when Milton Friedman has learnt that liberalisation of the prices has passed in Russia in general without any indexation of accumulation, the ancestor of the Chicago school has told about Gaydar`s government: Probably, these children well ate in the childhood!
in passing, by the way, it was found out that Nikolay Petrakov does not consider itself as the author programs of academicians (p. 5 - 8) see #4. As he said, this program, more likely, should be called JASHA (Jaremenko - Shatalin - Abalkin) as from sent by it to Stanislav Shatalinu of materials that took only two paragraphs - the analysis of results of reform. It was still found out that received wide circulation in mass media of data that Nikolay Petrakov is appointed by Oleg Soskovets`s adviser, do not represent the facts.
the dry rest meetings can be formulated so: In macroeconomic management the administrative methods of regulation which are not limiting base market freedom should be combined reasonably both monetary, and. (Sob. inf.)

Promstrojbanki of Russia have united in holding
Heads promstrojbankov Russia last week have signed the Organizational contract on creation of holding association legally fixed status regional industrially - building banks as affiliated banks Promstrojbanka of Russia (Moscow). The concept of creation of holding provides first of all maintenance of concentration of credit resources for financing of programs of structural reorganisation of economy of Russia. 13 promstrojbankov will co-ordinate a policy in short-term and investment crediting, foreign trade activities, on a securities market and improvement of system of calculations.
the nearest plans of the bank group which have formally fixed the partner relations, include creation of the clearing centre, auditor service, own information base which will contain in the long term data on ssudozaemshchikam and to their guarantors, and also on unreliable clients. Participants of a meeting also have signed the Agreement on Investment fund of holding group Promstrojbanka of Russia which will allow banks to create monetary fund for financing of the investment projects which have passed preliminary expert examination. The size of fund - 10 mlrd rbl. Is planned to fill up it at the expense of deduction of 4 % from balance profit for 1993 of each bank - the participant.
specially created council where heads of all promstrojbankov - members of association have entered will supervise over holding. More in detail about holding creation read in the following number. (Sob. inf.)

New privileges to importers
Since January, 1st of this year the order of the State Customs Committee #30 from the January, 24th, published in execution of the decree of the president of the Russian Federation #2270, separate kinds of the goods are released from VAT payment at their import to Russia. The equipment and materials has got to the preferential list for release medical immunobiologicheskih preparations, books and periodicals, manuals for educational institutions, the goods and the process equipment imported as the technical help of the foreign states, and also the goods and the equipment for carrying out of joint scientific works with foreign firms. Besides, the privilege extends on the goods imported as the contribution to the authorised capital of the enterprises with foreign investments, but only within a year from the moment of their registration.
for reception of a privilege the importer should receive instructions the State Customs Committee. For this purpose, have explained in Customs committee, the importer should present to the State Customs Committee of data that in frameworks preferential the contract the corresponding equipment, instead of, say, chocolate or TVs will be delivered.
according to experts of the State Customs Committee, in the decree of the president there is a number of not clear moments: for example, what to consider as the manual - with identical success to them it is possible to carry both the school atlas, and the car. As to the goods imported as the contribution to the authorised capital, how consider in the State Customs Committee, it is necessary to extend a privilege to all term of formation of an authorised capital stock, but corresponding amendments to the current legislation are for this purpose necessary. (Sob. inf.)

We / We have broken up
Joint Russian - the American newspaper We / We, issued News and Hurst`s newspaper company, has stopped existence. This Russian-speaking edition left within two years, was issued by joint efforts of the Russian and American journalists and extended at retail in Moscow and Petersburg and was delivered to political and business leaders in the USA. As Max Makkroen, the American editor of the newspaper " has informed; We News have simply informed partners on the termination of release of the newspaper. (Reuter)
Ur, the queen, vivat!
the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II has accepted the invitation of the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin to visit Russia with official visit in 1994. The message has extended a press - service of the Russian president. ( Interfax )

At fountain GUMa it is possible to meet and exchange money
Bank Capital has noted the fifth anniversary, having bought with assistance of firm IBS - the first of the Russian banks - the multiple currency automatic machine for exchange of Italian firm Sigma. In 12. The first public exchange of dollars for roubles by means of this automatic machine on February, 25 16th has taken place. It is established on the second line GUMa, at a known fountain.
cost of the automatic machine - about $50 thousand, it has a number of advantages in comparison with usual exchange offices - works round the clock, is not afraid of racket. There are also lacks: with its help while it is impossible to exchange roubles for currency; it is impossible to transform also into roubles stodollarovye banknotes. The last speaks purely technical reasons - the greatest quantity of high-quality fakes in the world is necessary on banknotes in $100. However it is impossible to tell that the automatic machine is defenceless before forgeries. The detector of currencies is built in it.
at the first operation phase of the automatic machine it is possible to exchange ten currencies: US dollars, pounds sterling, German and Finnish marks, the Swedish crones, yens, Italian liras, the French both Swiss francs and the Austrian shillings. The sum and an exchange rate is regulated by bank Capital .
the Automatic machine does not remain whim of bank Capital . As the representative of firm IBS Leonid Zabezhinsky has informed, the Petty-bourgeois branch of the Moscow Savings Bank has ordered such two automatic machines - they will be established at the Sheremetyevo airport. (Sob. inf.)

Yury Luzhkov is dissatisfied with the Moscow streets
the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has expressed dissatisfaction a condition of court yard and streets and a situation with garbage removal and a household waste in Northern administrative district. The mayor has offered all means directed to the city budget for garbage removal for overcoming of the created position, to translate directly in municipal districts. G - n Luzhkov has disposed to connect also to cleaning of territories from snow and ice heavy machinery for what regional architects should designate accurately places of parking of motor vehicles in court yard. In the near future the tax to garbage (rather essential will be imposed, according to the mayor) which will be paid by all legal bodies. ( Interfax )

Travel from Petersburg to Moscow on svetovoloknu
Joint-stock company Rasky has finished building 750 - kilometre volokonno - the optical communication line which have connected St.-Petersburg and Moscow, and also 16 more cities of this region. The cable in capacity of 3840 channels passes on a contact network of the railway line connecting Petersburg and Moscow. Communication channels will be leased to the companies which are engaged in processing and transfer of telemetering given, telephone and radio television signals.
aim joint-stock company Rasky - granting of a modern communication system to the October railway. 320 channels are allocated for its needs. (Computer communication) and other telecommunication firms become clients of a new communication network the international automatic telephone exchange of Petersburg, American Sprint Net. ( Interfax )

In Moscow there were guest workers
the Prime minister of the government of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has resolved the municipal company mosgortrans annually to employ to 5 thousand nonresident drivers and repairmen, including from the CIS countries. This decision speaks shortage of driver`s shots city passenger routes. Visitors drivers vahtovym as a method - from one about six months will work. To passport management of capital it allowed to make out instructions registration of such drivers without collection of a payment for stay in Moscow. Nonresident drivers in hostels and the office apartments subordinated to the transport city organisations will take place. ( Interfax )

the Parking on the lift
the Government of Moscow has made decision to construct in this year first two experimental many-tier parking places around sport centre Luzniki . Cars will move to underground and top circles of parking on lifts. The central design office of heavy mechanical engineering, firm " is engaged in designing of parking places; the Reason aviation scientifically - production association the Instant of Mikoyan and joint-stock company transinzhstroj .
70 % of expenses for building of these parking places are incurred by stadium management Luzniki . The city administration has allocated 500 million roubles on design - prospecting works. The next three years in Moscow building still about 100 many-tier liftovyh parking places will begin. ( Interfax )

Cars will put on in bagrets and gold
the Next annual list of the most popular colours of cars was published by the American company DuPont Co., engaged (among other) manufacture of automobile cosmetics. According to DuPont Co., the most popular autocolour in 1993, as well as in 1992, remained white - in it 20 % of cars are painted. However, its share steadily decreases - in 1992 of white cars there were 24 %.
backlog of green colour taking the second place is promptly reduced: for the past year its share in colouring of cars has doubled and has reached almost 15 %. Especially often there are green cars among sports and compact models.
the third place keeps red colour (10,5 %), is bright - scarlet - the fourth (8,8 %), the fifth - black (7,2 %).
Under forecast DuPont Co. The quantity will sharply increase in the future painted in purple and gold of cars, interest of buyers will be caused also by cars the paint on which depending on a point of view can be two colours. To the forecast costs is in earnest: in 1989 in the similar review fast growth of popularity of green colour within next five years has been predicted.
total of the autocolours which are issued at factories DuPont Co., exceeds 150. (Reuter)