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Melkooptovaja and retail trade

the City authorities plan spring cleaning

the Beginning of this year was marked by remarkable attempts of the government of Moscow once again to order melkooptovuju and retail city trade. The wave of decisions has urged forward supervising bodies, and those have burst in numerous checks. In spite of the fact that in any Moscow stalls are surveyed by the commissions daily, present cleaning has drawn attention in not ordinary scales and quantity of the involved organisations.

In Russia larechnyj business remains to one of the most profitable kinds of business. Combining simplicity of realisation and rather small sum of the demanded starting capital, retail trade in cigarettes, alcohol, the foodstuffs and involves to this day weight of potential dealers. The certificate to that is escalating quantity of commercial tents. Naturally, this fact cannot leave which image indifferent the mighty of this world.
the government of Moscow has not kept itself waiting. The decision #1145 About modification and additions in the governmental order of Moscow ` About a course of creation of system of licensing of separate kinds of activity in Moscow ` signed the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov on December, 14th last year, considerably simplifies system of reception of licences for various kinds of activity including on retail trade, and privileges for the goods which are not assessed with excises are entered.
As before, the firm trading in cigarettes, vodka, the foodstuffs and clothes through the shops, buys for each stall the licence for each group of the goods on an overall cost. At purchase by the organisation more than two licences for the same group of the goods it is possible to count on 50 - a percentage discount.
the logical question Arises why not to enter the uniform licence? According to employees of License chamber, use of one general licence is inexpedient, as at any infringements in one of the tents, the belonging large organisation, the licence is cancelled.
for today all structures of the License chamber which is responsible for delivery of licences, test a little shock from flow of visitors. It is connected with the expiration of terms after which realisation of kinds of activity without the corresponding licence is forbidden (for podaktsiznyh the goods term has been established till January, 1st, 1994, for food and neprodovolstvennyh - till March, 1st, 1994).
we Will estimate cost of licences for the Moscow stall having the big assortment of the goods. As a rule, in assortment of similar shops cigarettes and alcohol prevail. However the majority of stalls offers also products and something from clothes and footwear. If last two groups of the goods constantly are present on a counter necessity of licensing and them is obvious. Thus, for one shop cost of all licences for a period of one year (and for smaller term to buy the licence it is not meaningful) makes about 1,2 million roubles.
however all it concerns only those who has no licence for 1994. Some organisations have obtained licences in the end of 1993. They, according to employees of License chamber, before the expiry of the term of old licences can work, without addressing for new documents.
against legislative enthusiasm of the city government activity of control bodies has raised also. Being guided, probably, that the simple decision not to manage, it is administrative - technical inspection of the government of Moscow has started complex check of tents melkoroznichnoj trade. Check was moved in nine municipal districts with assistance of employees of Department of the consumer market and Management on protection of the rights of consumers. Employees of inspection have checked up about 60 tents. The sanitary condition of the majority of them did not correspond to the established norms.
except administrative - technical inspection of check held also tax and some other services.
On the basis of the audits spent by tax inspection and management of Department of tax police in all administrative districts of a city, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has signed on January, 31st the decision behind number 177 - RP About additional measures on maintenance of execution of the law of the Russian Federation ` About application kontrolno - cash cars ` . Its essence in the following.
now to give out and prolong permissions to the right melkoroznichnoj trade to the enterprises and the organisations will be only in case of registration of cash registers by them. The same who has corresponding documents, but trades without cash registers, it is necessary to be afraid of withdrawal of the permission to the right of trade which can occur at the subsequent checks.
besides the inquiry on cash register registration at prolongation of the permission to the conducting right melkoroznichnoj trade it is necessary to show also The inquiry of territorial tax departments on absence of debts on payment of penalties in the budget by results of checks by tax departments .
There is an impression what to order trade undertook not only creators of laws, but also those who breaks these laws - criminals. On Friday, on February, 18th Luzniki has shaken the explosion, which echo prebolno has struck on hapless dealers. In the heat of trade under the truck belonging to firm Kvadro has worked an explosive.
malefactors have enclosed under the bottom of the car a bomb packed into a box from - under footwear. Considering that under each truck heaps of such boxes daily accumulate, the place has been chosen rather successfully. Even if terrorists would fill with an explosive of an elephant, nobody would notice it in a heap of a dirt.
by a lucky chance, anybody seriously has not suffered. Small damages are caused the truck.
On the occasion of explosion luzhnikovsky the market have there and then closed, and it will renew the work only in the middle of March. As cold comfort for tens thousand dealers will serve, probably, that fact that the market all the same would cover: it is necessary to prepare stadium for a match Spartak - Barcelona .
Where now to move to the homeless dealer? Other markets are overloaded, and strangers there do not love (as, however, in Luzniki do not love inhabitants of other places of free trade).
it is probable, many will be pulled on nearby fair that, considering activity of the authorities and supervising bodies, it not seems to us so good idea. In the heat of the moment can chuck out and market experts : to trade at fair it is possible only from pavilions.
wholesalers while should be limited to trade from warehouses - trucks of the purposes will.