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Bank Capital has taken to the highroad

For the first time in the Russian practice of the investment into road building promise direct profit.
At the initiative of one of the largest Russian commercial banks - bank Capital - the holding company for reconstruction of the Moscow ring highway (MKAD) is created. One of founders of the company is the Moscow Council which will bring in ustavnyj holding fund a line. By estimations of experts of the bank, each rouble enclosed in reconstruction of road, after end of works will bring 2 - 3 roubles have arrived annually. On October, 1st at bank Capital the organising committee which will prepare constituent documents of the company is formed and will develop the FEASIBILITY REPORT of the project for its subsequent statement in the mayoralty and the Moscow Council.

As organizers of holding have informed, MKAD reconstruction assumes creation of a network of motels, supermarkets, the centres of maintenance service, gasoline stations and parking of the international class. After end of building of these objects - roughly in 2005 - the company will acquire the right to lease to their firms, the organisations and private businessmen.
observers notice that the created holding company as a matter of fact becomes the owner of road as one of its founders - the Moscow Council - took the obligation to bring in ustavnyj fund the ground area in the form of the line.
by estimations of a commission of experts of the Moscow Council, its cost makes an order of 250 million rbl. (50 % of the authorised capital of holding).
the General size of the authorised capital will make 0,5 mlrd rbl. 20 % from which will pay Capital . The Rest of actions (30 %) will arrive in free sale. The face-value of actions will presumably make 50 - 100 rbl.
Thus, according to the chairman of the board of bank Capital Alexander Smolensky, only the line experts estimate reconstruction cost in 100 million dollars. Naturally, the holding does not count on reception of this money from the budget: already now, under the available information, the desire to become shareholders of the company was expressed by a number of the American, German, Japanese firms and banks which will enclose necessary means in MKAD, and in exchange will acquire the right to commercial building and operation of territories adjoining to road.
after building end each enclosed rouble will be, by some estimations, to bring 2 - 3 roubles have arrived annually. To city treasury the project should bring, by estimations of experts of bank, nearby 1,5 - 2 million rbl. a day - at the expense of fare introduction on MKAD. The size of a payment is preliminary estimated in 50 copeck With each motor vehicle, except for the specialised.
bank phone Capital : 231 - 31 - 44.

the Moscow commercial bank Capital the monthly turn is registered in the State Bank of the USSR on February, 14th, 1989 with an authorised capital stock of 5 million rbl. Now MAXIM - AKIMOV

makes 2,5 mlrd rbl.