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Heavy rock in Tushine: blow has had on to the Sound track

on September, 28th at concert Monsters Of Rock In Moscow the fate - fans and militiamen has got to number of victims the leading musicologist the Moscow member of the Komsomol Dmitry Shavyrin. Other popular musicologist, the co-ordinator competing with " has put it a beating; Monsters (but not taken place) Svobody Artem Troitsky`s Festival. Both parties explain incident by creative disagreements.

Festival Monsters Of Rock ( N 37, 39 (87, 89)), organised by companies Timewarner and Biz Enetrprises (USSR) has collected (USA), according to organizers, 750 000 spectators among whom was 11 thousand military men and 6 thousand militiamen. Number suffered from bottles and bludgeons, under the various data, from 46 to 51, from them 16 - representatives of the authorities.
In a break between performances Black Crowes and Metallica for side scenes Dmitry Shavyrin has made the way. Having approached to organizers, he has heard a word the geek (under other version, the mongrel ) In the address from Artema earlier not noticed by it Troitsk. That the insulting word concerned it, the leader the Sound track it was convinced, when has received in acknowledgement a series of blows in a shoulder, intending, under the statement attacking, in a forward part of a head.
on a direct question about the incident reasons both parties have referred to old creative disagreements. SHavyrin has told: Present, he considers that I the nonprofessional and the plagiarist! I can tell the same about it. But in general - that I very much respect him . Troitsk has told: the campaign of lie developed ZD against Festival of Freedom became Last drop.
after festival Troitsk tried to punish Shavyrina also in writing - article in MK . But the editor of the newspaper Pavel Gusev has refused to publish its article, having explained refusal by that you, Artemy Kivovich, have already received a satisfaction .