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Currency deposits on supershort (komm

Now private persons practically have no possibility to place the currency means for bank deposits for the term of less than 3 months. An exception make unless MDM - the bank opening currency accounts for the term of not less than 2 weeks, and bank the Russian credit where the minimum term of placing of the deposit is equal to 1 month. Now to them the Mytishchinsky commercial bank which has started to open currency deposits for the term from 7 days was added.
meanwhile, interest to placing of currency means for as much as possible short terms is completely not idle. In - the first, essentially the risk of loss in case of improbable, but nevertheless possible decrease in a dollar exchange rate thus is possible to lower. It is obvious that than term of placing of the currency means less, reaction of their owner to rate fluctuations can be especially adequate.
In - the second, placing of money for short terms business acquaintance to bank is useful to begin: it is much easier to entrust it the means on 1 - 2 weeks, rather than for 3 months. Besides there is no guarantee that the currency placed on the three-monthly deposit suddenly is not required in a week.
at last, in - the third to place currency means for short terms, as a rule, it is more favourable and from the point of view of the size of the potential income as in this case there is a possibility more often perevkladyvat means, adding to them already drawn interest (that is to draw interest for percent). For example, in MDM - the bank accepting fortnight deposits, it is possible, reinvestirovav means of 6 times, within 3 months to receive the income at level of 4,9 % while in the majority of reliable banks it is not possible to receive for the same period more than 2,5 %.