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The market gold certificates

the Price of securities of the Ministry of Finance has tested painful falling

the Quotation gold the certificate in the beginning of current week has tested considerable decrease. On Tuesday this indicator has fallen more than to 2 million, and yesterday - for 500 thousand rbl. unexpected change of a conjuncture of the European market of the gold, led to that for two days (Monday and Tuesday) day fixing of the price trojskoj gold ounces in London has fallen to 8,5 points became the Main reason of so sharp falling of the price of the certificate. At the same time, time falling of a course gold the certificate has led to activization of the secondary market of these securities. On - visible, the investors who are not doubting final growth of the price of the certificate, have decided to buy it at a favourable rate.

Contrary to expectations of growth of the price of gold in the European market in the beginning of the current week, based mainly that demand for gold will sharply grow after a situation aggravation in Bosnia, fixing of Bank of England on Monday and Tuesday promptly fell. As it often happens, the situation aggravation in one point of globe is compensated by intensity decrease in another. So, and this time bombardments of positions of the Bosnian Serbs in area Goradzhi have coincided with conditions stabilisation in Southern Africa (in the republic of South Africa 20 % of world gold are extracted). As has shown poll of dealers in the gold market, spent by agency REUTER, it and became the main reason of falling of the prices for a precious metal at first in New York, and then and in London. As a result, since Monday, the price trojskoj gold ounces in the English market has fallen to $8,45 and by April, 12th has made $378.
Naturally change of a conjuncture of the European market of gold has affected and a course Gold the certificate. This indicator has tested painful falling on Tuesday when the Ministry of Finance has been compelled to lower the official quotation more than on 2 million rbl. Thus from more essential falling the price gold the certificate has rescued growth of an official rate of dollar which after the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auctions on Monday has grown on 13 roubles.
however, price falling minfinovskogo the certificate, considerably lowered cost of investment portfolios, had not only negative sides. So, the secondary market of these securities has considerably quickened recently. On - visible, the investors counting on profitable speculative operations with gold to certificates, have decided to use the moment and to get them at as more as possible favourable price.
to positive events in the secondary market gold certificates it is possible to carry as well the information from the Interbank financial house. As it was possible to find out, by the end of last week the collective agreement on the organisation of trade in certificates with these establishment was signed already by 12 commercial banks. And among these banks there are large enough dealers of securities: Menatep the BRIDGE - bank, the Renaissance and a number of others. However, as the expert of department of share operations of the Interbank financial house Yaroslav Karpov while on the market wishing to sell certificates much more has noted in interview, rather than wishing to buy. Therefore, by words g - on Karpova, success of trade in certificates through network MFD will depend in many respects on how much banks will show desire to conclude the transaction with these securities.