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Evacuation of embassy of Russia from Ruanda

the West Example, fortunately, has infected Russia

Russia, after the West, has decided not to tempt destiny and to evacuate the personnel of the embassy and representation “ Aeroflot “ in Kigali, capital the captured civil war of Ruanda. Though in the beginning of the conflict provoked by recent  destruction in an air crash of the president of the country, Moscow with evacuation did not hasten. But last days contradictions between nationalities hutu (former ruling elite of Ruanda) and tutsi (local “ irreconcilable opposition “) Have come so far that about guarantees of safety to foreigners cannot be and speeches. Europeans, truth, have understood it for a long time, providently having sent home the personnel of the missions (by the way, considerably surpassing Russian numerically). Yesterday Ruanda was left by last from six hundred Frenchmen. And Belgium for the help at evacuation of one and a half thousand citizens even has sent 800 parachutists to Ruanda. As to citizens of Russia (and them there were 22 persons, including eight of women and three children) the plane sent behind them took yesterday a course to Burundi (its president, by the way, was lost together with ruandijskim), and then - to Moscow. And without intervention of commandoes.