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RTSB forms the scandium market

the Auctions by rare-earth metal a stock exchange will begin in May

Management RTSB officially declared yesterday results of a series of negotiations with manufacturers and one of spetseksporterov rare-earth metal of scandium, which the stock exchange intends to organise the future auctions already in the near future. Already told that the establishment of Clearing chamber of scandium RTSB became the first step in realisation of the new program. At the last negotiations the concrete questions connected with the organisation of the first auctions were discussed.

As general manager RTSB Alexey Vlasov has informed, in negotiations have taken part 12 manufacturers of the scandium who has put in the statements on the introduction into Clearing chamber of scandium RTSB. As well as it was planned, the entrance fee to clearing chamber will make 10 trojskih ounces of scandium 99,99 or a rouble equivalent $6 thousand And the guarantee margin (which, according to already developed rules of the auctions it can be brought both metal, and money) will make 20 % from the sum of the positions opened at the future auctions.
by words g - on Vlasova, the question on possibility of settlement firms operating in the currency future market to take part in the auctions by scandium, instead of money, and on the contrary has been discussed also. And some manufacturers of metal intend not to register on RTSB own broker offices, and to carry out activity in the future market through the entrusted settlement firms having a wide experience of work.
as representatives RTSB, in the last negotiations have informed one of firms - spetseksporterov the scandium which services necessarily be required to a stock exchange has taken part - in case as the buyer at auctions RTSB the foreign company will act, and execution of the future contract will end with delivery of the real goods. The decision on carrying out of the first future auctions by scandium on platform RTSB already in the middle of May became a result of the last negotiations. there are no doubts that the first auctions will begin in the planned term - Alexey Vlasov has declared.