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Ukraine about nuclear disarmament (p)

made by parliament of Ukraine the western experts already have estimated the decision as a half-step to nuclear disarmament. And it is valid, on - former two vital issues are actual: joining of Kiev to the nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon and cancellation of 13 conditions almost bringing to nothing ratification of other contract, - SNV - 1. Meanwhile official kind given by the Supreme body to the tripartite agreement of Russia, the USA and Ukraine, - doubtless shift from principles nezalezhnosti - in many respects speaks purely pragmatical reasons. During debate president Kravchuk repeatedly reminded of Bill Clinton promise to double the help to Ukraine in case of success of economic reforms and obedience in nuclear questions (it has been estimated in $1 mlrd). In an opposite case to Kiev will count there is nothing - Moscow not only will not fork up, but also can block the gas crane (p. see 3).
And propensity of members of parliament to disarm republic stage by stage it is possible, probably to regard not only as care (it is a shame to pass nepatriotami), but also as intention to continue the auction; absence of terms and the mechanism of a conclusion of rockets in the agreement of three presidents favour to it. During come to the end one of these days American - the Ukrainian negotiations (see from February, 3rd) the USA have declared that will think of increase in the sum allocated for nuclear dismantle. Not casual therefore looks and the offer which has sounded during hearings to consider the remained questions either within the next few days, or already after elections . But the main problem nevertheless in other - whether will sustain the auction the Ukrainian economy.