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Drug dealers

In Primorski Krai are arrested the Azerbaijan narcobusinessmen

in Vladivostok are detained Yesterday operation on neutralisation of the Azerbaijan criminal grouping has come to the end. Operation was spent by employees of department on struggle against a drug trafficking of the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Territory. According to the chief of department Vladimir Kolosov, accusation is already brought to 10 leaders of grouping.

In conversation with the correspondent g - n Kolosov has informed that the operation begun by arrest of head of local Azerbaijan diaspora of Telmana Ibadova (about it wrote on February, 4th), police officers have finished during a meeting in which participated criminal authorities representing criminal groupings from different cities of edge. It has been thus detained about forty persons of the Caucasian nationality. Among them some leaders of Azerbaijan grouping operating in Vladivostok, and also the person who, according to field investigators, is the keeper city thieves` obshchaka (the surname in the interests of the investigation is not disclosed). Police officers expect to find in the near future and itself obshchak - reserve monetary fund criminal grouping.
according to the correspondent, on a consequence already there is a serious pressure from the high-ranking patrons of the detained criminals.
under the statistical data of the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Territory, last year 1247 kg of drugs, which at a present course " here have been withdrawn; the black market stand more than 8 mlrd rbl. Quantity of the crimes connected with drugs, for the last year has increased on 22,6 %. The most part of drugs consumed in edge is produced from the hemp which illegal crops here have sharply increased lately on the area. During militian operation Hemp - 93 in Primorski Krai 1274 kg of these narcotic raw materials have been withdrawn. According to the representative of regional administration, disease of a narcotism in Primorski Krai in 29 times exceeds average across Russia level.