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Car accidents

on April, 12th in 08. 00 in the street Villisa Latsisa the car of Opel Record which without the driver`s licence operated 30 - summer idle Igor Lavrentev, has faced a motor vehicle the Muscovite - 21412 at the wheel which was 32 - the summer driver of Open Company the Ajax Sergey Subbotin. G - n Lavrentev with brain concussion is delivered in Botkinsky hospital.

This very day in 13. 30 in the street the Academician the Queen the motor vehicle of Opel Omega which operated 28 - summer idle Sergey Levin, has brought down 57 - summer Marina Ots, engineer NPO the Science . Suffered with crisis of the basis of a skull and a brain bruise delivered in institute of Sklifosovsky.

on April, 12th in 13. 50 in Beskudnikovsky parkway the car VAZ - 2121 which by proxy operated 27 - the summer director of joint-stock company the Monolith Raphael Jarullin, has made arrival on passing street in an unstated place 73 - summer pensioner Eudoxia Vinogradovu. Suffered with brain concussion, crises of edges and a hand laceration it is delivered in 71 - ju city hospital.

this very day in 22. 00 on the Shchelkovo highway Volvo 940 car, at the wheel which was 24 - the summer employee Russian financially - industrial group Pavel Ermakov, VAZ - 21063 which operated 24 - the summer driver of MT " has faced a motor vehicle; Interdizajn Alexander Fomin. As a result of collision the passenger the Zhiguli 20 - summer Marina Fomina with a stomach serious trauma is delivered in 36 - ju city hospital.

on April, 12th in 22. 50 on the Volgograd prospectus the motor vehicle VAZ - 21074 which operated 21 - summer idle Sergey Alekseev, consistently ran into the car GAS - 24 - 11, at the wheel which was 49 - summer Natalia Savchenko and in the car GAS - 31029 which operated 31 - the summer driver of one of the Moscow military units Victor Baharev). The passenger the Zhiguli 17 - summer Irina Gorshkova with concussion of a brain and a strong bruise of the person is delivered in nejrohirurgicheskoe branch 68 - j city hospital.

on April, 13th in the street Tolbukhin car Mercedes which operated 34 - the summer director of Novosibirsk Open Company Style Andrey Semenkov, ran into a lamppost. The driver of a foreign car with a stupid trauma of a breast, concussion of a brain and crisis of the left shin is delivered in 20 - ju city hospital.