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Yesterday administration the Grandee - hotel Europe with the assistance of hotel security service has spent a press - conference in connection with theft at the British citizen g - on Miltasa of the diplomat with money and documents for the sum $18 million wrote about it on April, 13th.
as the general manager the Grandee - hotel " has informed journalists; Europe Mazumdar Dzhajdip, hotel security service was possible to find out loss. Now the case is in Kuibyshev RUVD Petersburg. It will be returned Miltasu when it will consider necessary a consequence which runs business about theft. However the chief of security service of hotel Evgenie Shorohov has refused flatly to inform, when, under what circumstances and in whom the stolen diplomat has been found out.
the administration asserts also that g - n Miltas was a sign with the visitor of its number who came to it in the morning on the eve of a robbery. Itself g - n Miltas has informed that the uninvited visitor tried to get acquainted with it the day before. And Miltas really intended to meet it in day of theft. However not in 8 o`clock in the morning (when the diplomat was gone), and three hours later.
On a press - conferences g - well Miltasu has been asked a question, whether is it the homosexual as under data, ostensibly this version is developed by a consequence. According to this version the case has been stolen the casual partner . g - n Miltas has answered an incorrect question: By origin I the Greek, at passage of military service have been examined . It is forbidden to homosexuals to serve in the British army.
the administration of hotel and security service has three times evaded from persevering questions of journalists how and under what circumstances the extraneous person could get into hotel and disturb one of its lodgers.
the hotel Security service also has not informed the press, whether the thief is caught.

the Moscow City Court has started criminal case consideration on charge of former chief PREO of executive committee of Kuntsevsky regional council of People`s Deputies of Leonid Novozhilov in fulfilment of the crimes provided by item 173 ch. 3 UK Russia (bribe reception in especially large size the official occupying responsible position), item 175 UK of Russia (official forgery) and item 88 UK of Russia (infringement of rules about currency transactions). It already the third consideration by Moscow City Court of business of Novozhilov. The judge considering him for the first time, has died before the adjudgment, it was necessary to listen to business anew in other structure of court. That recognised Novozhilov guilty and has condemned him for 10 years. However the Supreme court of Russia has cancelled a sentence to formal signs (during the second consideration the decision about search of the defendant on another matter has been taken out that has broken a process continuity) and has returned business on new judicial consideration.
on an evidence, on October, 23rd, 1991 Novozhilov has received from the general director of industrial international joint venture (PMSP) Inprogress Valery Portnov a bribe in the form of a set of the Yugoslavian upholstered furniture Mariel . Thus the assistance rendered to defendants in the decision of a question on transfer to rent PMSP under furniture store of an uninhabited premise in the house along the street Molodogvardejsky has been paid. Thus chief PREO, according to inspectors, has made also official forgery. The decision of executive committee of Kuntsevsky regional council on transfer of the specified premise in rent Inprogressu it has been cancelled. Nevertheless Novozhilov has ordered to the chief regional REU #19 to Nadezhde Mazinoj to make the lease contract with PMSP in which as the basis for its conclusion it was specified in the decision which has lost validity of executive committee, and has signed it.
on October, 24th, 1991 Novozhilov, according to the investigation, has received one more bribe. The assistant to the general director of association Progress Galina Tchernyshov has transferred it the car the Muscovite - 2141 . The gift has been presented Novozhilov for the assistance rendered to it at the lease contract conclusion Progress an uninhabited premise in the house on Rublevsky highway.
at last, third incriminated to it a consequence a bribe, Novozhilov has received from the general director is industrial - building co-operative society (PSK) aviastrojmontazh Vladimir Filatova. This time Novozhilov at the expense of PSK has gone to cruise over Mediterranean sea by the steam-ship Taras Shevchenko . For it it has helped aviastrojmontazhu to conclude the dredge lease contract Kalininets and an uninhabited premise in the house along the street Barvihinsky. Besides it, Novozhilov in August, 1991 has got at the acquaintance Anisimovoj of $500 for 18 thousand roubles, than has broken rules about currency transactions.
in January, 1992 Novozhilov has been detained. At a search in its apartment field investigators have withdrawn $5, 576, 4 800 French francs and DM 200. Being interrogated during preliminary investigation, Novozhilov recognised the fault in the commission of crime, provided by item 88 UK of Russia. At first he admitted and an episode with upholstered furniture reception, but then has changed the indications and has declared that has given them under the pressure of police officers. Actually a bribe it ostensibly did not take, and sincerely wanted to pay for furniture. However, according to Novozhilov, g - n Portnov has declared to it that the rouble price of a set (the furniture was on sale for dollars) is necessary for co-ordinating with the Yugoslavian suppliers. After that Portnov has completely disappeared, and as Novozhilov did not try to find it, but make it could not.
according to Novozhilov, are not bribes and the car, and the Mediterranean cruise. He has declared that really agreed with g - zhoj Chernyshovoj about sale to it of the car, knowing that Progress has on them funds. But behind car in shop under its request ostensibly went its familiar g - n Zanozin who has run into debt it 10 thousand roubles. Before a trip Novozhilov, as he said, has handed over it 11 thousand more (the price the Muscovite made 21 thousand roubles). Therefore at car registration in GAI addressed to the wife it at all did not get with g - zhoj Chernyshovoj of conversations on money, believing that purchase is paid for a long time g - nom by Zanozinym.
Concerning the Mediterranean cruise Novozhilov has informed a consequence that in October, 1991 g - n Filatov in connection with disbandment PREO has suggested it to pass to work in aviastrojmontazh . He has ostensibly agreed and even has written the job application. In December, 1991 it on paid aviastrojmontazhem to the permit business has really visited in Mediterranean - round, however has made it on purpose acquaintance with modern methods of managing . On a trip it had a lot of free time, and it on own initiative often after lectures conducted additional lessons with tourists from Central Asia which badly acquired a material . As to the lease contract with aviastrojmontazhem it, according to Novozhilov, former chief PREO g - n Belousov has concluded in April, 1991. It at that time worked as the chief engineer and to the conclusion of contracts had no relation. Will return to a theme after adjudgment.