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Kurdish question in relations of Russia

Ankara: there is no Kurdish problem, there are Kurdish terrorists

the acts of terrorism which have Become frequent in last days of insurgents of the Workers` party of Kurdistan (RPK), directed against tourism in Turkey, again have forced to speak about an aggravation in this country a Kurdish question . Thus, in spite of the fact that active workers RPK promised not to arrange acts of terrorism in Russia, beach war as struggle for independence can affect and on dreaming to have a rest on resorts of Antalya Russians. Yesterday in conversation with the correspondent representatives of embassy of Turkey in Moscow have decided to state the point of view. Their position does not coincide with Russian - Ankara does not recognise existence of the problem of Kurds in Turkey.

the Workers` party of Kurdistan declared the main purpose creation of the independent Kurdish state which structure would include the areas of Turkey occupied by Kurds, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In territory of the CIS there is a Kurdish area in Azerbaijan (Lachinsky) which population participants Armenian - the Azerbaijan conflict try to win round autonomy promises. The main method of achievement of purposes RPK has proclaimed terror. In the actions the organisation is supported of solid Kurdish communities in other countries, including Germany and, probably, Russia.

Ankara regards activity RPK unequivocally and without semitones - as blasting of territorial integrity of Turkey. But at the same time, the Turkish authorities - and it the ambassador of Turkey in Moscow has confirmed Ajhan Kamel - basically deny existence in the country so-called a Kurdish question As, however, and any another national (Armenian, Circassian, Arabian and etc.). Of Ankara are assured that speech can go only about struggle against the illegal terrorist organisation, that is RPK. Its activity, by the way, is forbidden not only in Turkey, but also in Europe (except Greece). Active members RPK, under the Turkish data, 10 - 15 thousand, 40 more - 50 thousand - support group and this party at the expense of drug traffic is financed. Assist RPK and ill-wishers of Turkey in neighbouring countries. Diplomats talking to the correspondent did not begin to specify the name of these states, but have assured that Russia is not included into their number (though the USSR many years patronised RPK - a comment)
According to the adviser of embassy for the press of Hasbi Akala, not all Turkish Kurds (and them almost 10 million) aspire to independence or an autonomy - too close bonds connect them with Turks . And the last love them. Turkish diplomats have reminded, what exactly Turkey in 1988 has accepted 70 thousand Kurdish refugees from Iraq after Saddam Hussein has used against them the chemical weapon. In 1991 Ankara also has assisted Kurdish refugees from Iraq. Supervision of forces of the United Nations over safety of Kurds in Northern Iraq is carried out, by the way, from Turkish air base.
there is no problem, according to Ankara, and in a question on Kurdish language. In Turkey consider it only as a dialect - a hybrid from Turkish, Arabian and Persian languages. That is why do not give it the official status. Yes few Kurds, even not all leaders RPK own it today. Anybody in Turkey does not disturb to Kurds and to have the national - the cultural centres abroad (as, in particular, in Moscow). But under one condition - any contacts to insurgents RPK.