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Gennady Burbulis creates party

the Former state secretary with a policy is on friendly terms

to Few Boris Yeltsin of complexities with the NATO and Ukraine so here also Gennady Burbulis has created a new problem. At a meeting with the public in the House of the cinema, passing in the evening on Tuesday, the former state secretary has laid down to Yeltsin the most severe condition. G - n Burbulis promises to support Yeltsin on presidential election in 1996 only in the event that that will be to be guided by concrete organizational political structures . All course of a meeting said that g - n Burbulis does not doubt: Yeltsin seriously will become thoughtful now.

Gennady Burbulisa was not passed by the fashion which has extended among present Russian politicians: he has decided to create the party. And he does not doubt at all that at it it will turn out best. I always confirmed and I insist today: That I know and I am able to do in the Russian policy, does not know and anybody is not able - he has declared at a meeting. The confidence g - is based on Burbulisa that, as he said, it throughout last 4 years was, as a matter of fact, the organizer of all major events of the Russian policy: ordered disorder of Soviet Union has put forward Egor Gaydar in the government, and if it is required, can pick up to it replacement as to the leader of democrats, sat in the Kremlin last autumn and suppressed October putsch. With visible pleasure of Burbulis has informed the listeners that in the people his name is the grey cardinal . In general, there were no only words that to it arrives every day on 35 thousand couriers .
Gennady Burbulis recognised that sometimes it had also failures, in particular, it was not possible to bring up Hasbulatova ( it is my personal error ) And to give Kuriles to Japanese. Now Burbulis is ready to undertake the organisation of the selective company of Yeltsin to provide to it presidential powers for the second term. Support from mighty " becomes victory pledge; political structure which Burbulis undertakes to organise and develop for it it is unique true ideology. Yeltsin should incur certain obligations in relation to this, as a matter of fact, parties.