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Alexey Rybnikova`s new opera

Izydite announced!

Alexey Rybnikova`s Musical theatre - sounds, you see, beautifully. The author of one of the most favourite by youth 80 - h years of a smash hit (from performance ` the Juno ` and ` Perhaps ` ) Has intended to pass to an independent mode of existence and all to make itself. The first result of the innovative enterprise became the Liturgy announced which premiere has taken place, at last, after a long spadework and obkatki. GRIGORY PANTIELEV tells About performance.

to Define the genre nature of performance rather difficultly. Musical expectation does not justify: there is the clear plot, any intrigue or at least no divertissement of performances. A musical core - molitvoslovie Osanna - forms a frame and it is remembered at least owing to the repeated repetition. But as though the melody was good, it is a unique smash hit in product. One more lyrical melody this time connected not with belief in a divine foresight, and with love of the protagonist, is not so bright and marvellously strongly resembles on I never will forget you That explainably situational similarity, but nevertheless it is strange. But if neither the dramatic art, nor the musical party do not specify in a musical, that it?
mixture of texts similar on a mosaic radio composition of a poetic warehouse - and about immense sufferings of the earth Russian in the past, the present and the future, and about unique hope is clear on whom, and about drudgeries of a certain individual, apparently, the typical intellectual of Stalin times, the place to which in torture chambers is predetermined (it Danilov carries a surname; excuse, more concrete data inform on it I can not, I repeat: the plot as is not present that), and about intrigues of a devil, and about that, possibly, meant, but, alas, in any way not cleared stage in life of the believing person when it from a condition announced passes in the category of the true. In the end of performance the former prisoners in single file leave on an exit, carrying light heavenly in the form of a projector to which they turn the most pathetic sights. It is possible to believe that the second product of Rybnikova - liturgista will be called the Liturgy true then it will construct not only portable sborno - the folding module (a small cosy auditorium on 400 places, designed specially for a premiere), and whole Bajrojt of a name of Rybnikova, will open in it a temple and will start service from two parts, as in an orthodox cathedral. Personally I to it will not be surprised.
between us speaking, the most interesting in it, believe, rather boring performance (for that such performance without distinct logical action and continuous musical expansion?) Are special effects. One module only mentioned already can dement people of theatre, and after all it not all. Eight-channel zvukoperedajushchaja equipment plus radiomicrophones in hands of each executor not simply provide a smart aether, but give possibilities almost unlimited. A feast for sound producers Vasily Antonenko and Alexey Kuznetsova, kakovye, from my point of view, also are the main characters of representation. And computers! And besides it also all conceivable kinds of the projectors which names of a part I also do not know. Meanwhile stage settings are from the very beginning calculated on brevity, almost all of them draw a fragment - a shot to which approaches experimentally - unusual illumination (and sensation eksperimentirovanija both was one and a half years ago during the first displays, and remains). But here from the musical point of view of means which the composer now has, allow to think more scale time units. Variety of episodes asks on longer rastsvechivanie any zvukoprostranstvennymi effects. The material for eyes is presented, and here for its ears lacks.
an unusual alloy moralite and show is hardly combined with demonstration of technical possibilities. Probably, therefore Alexey Rybnikov long did not want to declare the child finished. It would be desirable to hope, as now it will not stop on the reached. But only will transfer the attention not on spetsosnashchenie, and on giving to performance bolshej musical appeal and dramaturgic integrity.