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on April, 13th in Moscow NIKOLAY of HOOKS, the national actor of the USSR has died.

Nikolay Krjuchkov was born in 1911. Since 1928 he played the Moscow Theatre of young workers, studied at N. P.Hmeleva, I.Ja.Sudakova, I.A.Savchenko. Its first roles at steel cinema - shoemaker Senka ( Suburb 1933), Andrey Zhurba ( the Special case 1934). Nikolay Krjuchkov has created the various characters executed charm. In 1941 for a role of Klima it is bright ( Tractor operators 1939) it has been awarded State awards of the USSR. Among its best roles - Sergey Lukonin in a film the Guy from our city (1942), Kuharkov ( Immortal garrison ) Commissioner Evsjukov in Grigory Chuhraja`s first film Forty first . In 50 - 60 - e years it has played the roles noted by dramatic nature in which opened a difficult inner world of characters: Korolkov ( Business of Rumjantseva 1956), the chief ( Cruelty 1959), Simeon Teterin ( Court 1962), the driver of a taxi ( Townspeople 1976). The actor continued to act in film till last days the life. In 1980 it has been awarded ranks of the Hero of socialist work.
Nikolay Krjuchkov has died at the age of 82 years.

on April, 14th on the Vagankovsky cemetery will pass VICTOR`S AFANASEVA funeral, the full member of Academy of Sciences of Russia, the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Truth .
Victor Afanasev was born in 1922. Victor Afanasev - the participant of the Great Patriotic War. For services in battle it has been awarded the order the Red Star, seven medals For courage and a medal For services in battle . In 1950 it has finished historical faculty of the Chita teacher`s college. In 1953 Victor Afanasev has ended postgraduate study of the Moscow regional teacher`s college at chair of philosophy and has protected the master`s thesis. With 1953 for 1960 it works in Chelyabinsk teacher`s college at first as the senior teacher, and then zavkafedroj philosophies. With 1960 for 1968 it held a post of a deputy head of chair of philosophy and the head of chair of scientific communism AON at the CPSU Central Committee. In 1968 it has received appointment to the post of the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Truth . With 1974 for 1976 it was the editor-in-chief of magazine the Communist . In 1976 Victor Afanaseva have appointed the editor-in-chief Truths there it worked till 1989. For an operating time in edition of the newspaper Victor Afanasev has published more than 70 printing works. Since 1989 it worked in AN the USSR and headed branch of philosophy, sociology and the right. Victor Afanasev is the author of proceedings on sociology in which it has carried out the system analysis of problems of management and has considered process and the basic means of an intensification of social development. Its monographies were printed abroad, including in Japan and Great Britain. Victor Afanaseva`s the most known scientific work is the textbook for high schools Bases of philosophical knowledge which has been translated on some languages. Victor Afanasev also developed own concept of communication of philosophy and biology (the monography Live systems ) . The book of its memoirs " is made ready for the press; From Brezhnev to Gorbachev .
Victor Afanasev has been awarded by awards of October revolution, Lenin and the Labour Red banner.
Victor Afanasev has suddenly died at the age of 71 years from a gullet cancer. Requiem will take place on April, 14th in 10. 45 in a building of the Central Kremlin hospital.

on April, 13th in Stockholm BERT VENSON (Bert Venson), the announcer of the Swedish television conducting a current - show has died.
Bert Venson was born in 1950 in suburb of Stockholm. In the beginning 70 - h years it has ended faculty of journalism of the Stockholm university. After the termination of university it co-operated with several capital newspapers. In 1982 Bert Venson has begun career of the TV presenter. He has created and in a current of several years spent the program Morning of a city . In 1989 to it have suggested to conduct a current - show with participation of leading public figures of the country.
Bert Venson has died at the age of 44 years from heart attack.

IVAN CHUPRYNINA, 80 years, the former member of the Central Committee of the CPSU supervising work by Gosteleradio, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the gentleman of many fighting awards. Funeral has passed on April, 13th on the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.