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Plenary session of the State Duma

For effective work did not suffice deputies a trifle

Affect a course of legislative activity in Russia can, it appears, only Vladimir Zhirinovsky`s absence in Moscow: yesterday working capacity of the State Duma was unprecedented. First of all, members of parliament managed to pass from the third calling the law on the status of deputies a particular interest to which showed the leader of liberal democrats. Besides, in the first reading the law " has been passed; About an order of illumination of activity of public authorities in public funds of the mass information .

Absence of the leader of LDPR has allowed to pass the law on the status of the deputy without the imperative mandate, that is not to grant the right to leaders of fractions to deprive of the subordinates of the deputy mandate that Vladimir Zhirinovsky persistently achieved. The law has been accepted practically without debate. After the big break the State Duma was engaged in the bill on an order of illumination of activity of public authorities in the state mass media. Under the project it is supposed that the press should publish materials of state structures of Russia and subjects of federation under contracts at the expense of the means allocated from budgets. And means considerable: if the law already operated, published in March of the newspaper and magazines would receive for all nearby 35 mlrd rbl. of Radio and TV will manage to the budget more cheaply as to a semi-official organ not enough broadcasting time there will be allocated. In the three-minute information program the parliament can give no more than 30 seconds. And in the transfer lasting more of half an hour to inform on Federal meeting it is offered not less than 4 minutes. The information on activity of authorities is obliged to be transferred by the separate block in the beginning of information programs, comments are thus excluded. To the deputy selected on territorial district, time in two months is supposed to give the chance to act by regional radio and TV. For them the minimum is established 7 minutes.
Michael Poltoranin, representing the bill, has declared that he guarantees equality of the rights of all branches of the power on informing on their activity. Thus, in its opinion, necessity for type transfers " will disappear; parliamentary hour . Though deputies also have passed the law in the first reading, but, probably, are not absolutely assured in information equality . After literally some minutes they have confirmed the decision about creation teleradiosluzhby the State Dumas which daily would prepare programs about activity of the representative power of Russia .
At last the State Duma has accepted the resolution condemning actions of the NATO in Bosnia (p. 4 see), and the orator from LDPR Vyacheslav Marychev has called in reply to bombing attack to Serbs to strike the protest statement on embassy of the USA.