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Attack on Vneshtorgbank

the Robber used the office admission

on February, 3rd in Moscow in 14. 45 the unknown criminal, having used the counterfeit admission, has got into a premise of Management of international payments of Vneshtorgbanka (the Kopevsky lane, d. 3/ 5) and, threatening with a knife to the cashier of bank to Olga Matveenko, has stolen 80 million rbl. and $28 thousand to Criminal it was possible to leave bank not noticed, however at the night of the same day he has been detained by employees 17 - go police stations. Yesterday to the correspondent event details became known.

As have informed in 17 - an ohm police station, this division Vneshtorgbanka is under quite reliable professional protection. However the criminal has managed to get into office, using the old office admission on another`s surname. The door in a cash desk premise has not been closed. Having entered into cash desk, the robber has put a knife to a throat of the cashier, has forced it to lay down on a floor and took 80 million rbl. and $28 thousand Cashier has pressed the alarm button already after the criminal left bank. According to the deputy chief 17 - go police stations on Victor Paukova`s criminal investigation department, the person of the criminal it was possible to establish quickly enough. Judging by indications of witnesses, the attack was made by the former operator of computer centre of bank 25 - summer Alexander Kuznetsov. In the street Malysheva, in the house where lives Smiths, has been organised an ambush and in 23. 45 robber has been detained. By words g - on Paukova, at the arrested person of the stolen money at itself it has not appeared, however the sum most part - 66 million rbl. and $13 thousand - has been found out and withdrawn after a while. The criminal, as he said, has left money for storage to the acquaintance working in one of bars. G - n Spiders has informed also that the militia, most likely, will manage to return and missing money. They are at one more familiar robber. The militia takes measures to its search.
the adviser of president Vneshtorgbanka Albert Balebanov in interview to the correspondent has informed that the insignificant damage as the most part of the stolen is already returned is caused to bank, and the criminal is detained. By words g - on Balebanova, this first attack in the history of bank. Regrettably that it was made by the person who has left bank in the end of the last year.
according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, in the last two days touches on establishments of the state banks was not, also as well as attacks on large commercial banks. At the same time gangsters periodically make the armed touches on the changes belonging to bank structures. The representative of protection department of establishments of the State Banks of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has declared that the militia will learn a lesson from the happened.