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Zhirinovsky`s European tour

Russian joke of the European at times can be frightened to death

Vladimir Zhirinovsky`s Coming to the end tour across Europe has passed at huge confluence of gapers and journalists. Their expectations have been to the full justified. Tour has turned out scandalous enough that poveselit readers of newspapers, and the photo made in Strasbourg on which g - n Zhirinovsky rushes any plant to crowd, has bypassed the whole world.

One of the main things that of Zhirinovsky`s visit to France, probably, can name its discontent given out to it the authorities the visa: it granted the right only on arriving in Charles airport de Gaulle and to visit in Strasbourg session of the Council of Europe. After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France has asked it to avoid extremist statements (under the threat of dispatch from the country), Zhirinovsky on - to the has tried not to resort to them. Really, after an appeal to Russia to destroy by bombing NATO bases in Italy in reply to blow on Serbs in Bosnia discussion by the leader of LDPR of a refugee problem in Europe was quite innocent. Vladimir Volfovich has accused the West that it provokes a stream of refugees from the Eastern Europe, which not to liking the capitalism imposed to it . Here now and Russia imposes capitalism, and it hundreds years a vein both without the market, and without democracy - has angrily exclaimed g - n Zhirinovsky, with ease having called into question sincerity of own pre-election program installations on the market . That, however, has not prevented it literally a minute later to declare that today democracies in Russia many times over more than in your Europe .
In the Council of Europe g - n Zhirinovsky has appeared together with arrived there at the head of parliamentary delegation of Russia Vladimir Shumejko to whom at times it was awkward for the colleague - the deputy. However he has tried to leave a ticklish situation not without diplomatic grace, having declared that the fact of performances g - on Zhirinovsky - the certificate of the wide pluralism which has affirmed as Russia.
however, pluralism display in to Zhirinovsky`s form in the West treat a little differently. Its European tour began a new occasion to scare those who intends to put up money in the Russian economy, the liberal - democratic fascism . Obviously, meaning such nervous Andrey Kozyrev has declared one of these days that at the leader of LDPR there will be authorities never and many have voted for it in December actually for fun . And in general head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has carried a case in point not to political, and to the medical.