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The Kurdish question and (comment)

According to an official position of Russia, a Kurdish problem in Turkey nevertheless is - from this in the contacts the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular, proceeds. Especially, if to consider that Kurds - the people numerous - in their world about 25 million, and at them are not present the state (after revolution in Russia in territory of present Lachinsky area of Azerbaijan short time, truth, there was Red Kurdistan). Kurds of the objective means rather resolute achieve: in Iraq and Turkey they already many decades conduct ethnically - civil war. And on Turkish officials Kurdish terrorists conduct the present hunting. Last days world TV screens have bypassed shots of the mass riots organised by Kurds - political refugees in Germany.
the impression is meanwhile made that gravity of a Kurdish problem and its urgency for Russia in Moscow understand not all. And such lack of information, obviously, it is necessary to explain grandiose plans of expansion of military export to Turkey - series of negotiations (including in the area of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) about sale to Ankara of small arms and helicopters are already spent. Meanwhile, for anybody not a secret that this weapon will be used against Kurdish insurgents. There are plans of finishing of such export to $600 million a year. If RPK will answer it with terrorism in Russia its consequences can appear much more impressing, than in the same Germany which police is literally brought on terrorists, and the public order became for a long time already a legend. Meanwhile, after the series of explosions organised by Kurds in Germany Bonn has refused military deliveries to Ankara.