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! Director Stedelik - a museum in Petersburg

the Petersburg art is carried to live and European

On yesterday`s a press - conferences at restaurant Metropol to journalists it has been told about competition carrying out Ars Fennika - 1994 . This year the winner will be chosen from ten applicants personally by mister Rudi Fuksom (Rudi Fuchs), the director of one of the largest European museums of the modern art, Amsterdam Stedelik - a museum. The decision will be officially declared in the end of April, the art policy of Stedelik - a museum and its communication with Russian, mainly Petersburg, new art became the basic theme a press - to conference.

Visiting of St.-Petersburg became for g - on Fuksa a terminal point in tour lasting many days on workshops of ten finalists Ars Fenniki - 1994 . From more than hundreds Petersburg applicants have been chosen by prize-winning committee of competition two - Timur Novikov and Andrey Hlobystin. Thus it is presented two directions of the Petersburg art, using in this season by special attention of critics and curators, - neoacademism and sience art. Timur Novikova`s name to the well familiarly western art dealers and personally g - well Fuksu (in Stedelik - a museum in 1993 there passed a personal exhibition of the artist), besides it for a long time the known character of the Petersburg art. Occurrence in the list of finalists of Andrey Hlobystina obviously testifies to the serious relation to conceptual undertakings.
despite absolutely concrete occasion a press - conferences, g - n Fuks has decided to use an opportunity and has addressed to the Petersburg journalists with ardent speech about destinies of modern European art. The director kasselskoj Documenta 1982, the organizer of a museum of the modern art in the Hague, the curator having the European popularity, g - n Fuks at all does not hesitate of the program Antiamericanism and stands up for a unification of art will of the Big Europe which has been lost in 50 - e years owing to active intrusion of the American art. Geopolitical and art sights of director Stedelik - a museum, quite typical for the whole generation of the European curators and researchers, could seem under the sky of St.-Petersburg rather frank and even too radical in lips the museum bureaucrat so large rank. But that also is remarkable that pathos of speech is reflected in the concrete exhibition and purchasing policy of Stedelik - a museum. So, g - n Fuks considers absolutely proved interest of the museum to art of the Eastern Europe as in these released countries he searches live European art . The same motives have led to its modern Petersburg art. Having begun with Timur Novikova`s personal exhibition in the beginning of the directorship, g - n Fuks plans now a large exposition on magazine materials the Office where as stars Sergey Bugaev (Africa) and its adherents will be presented.