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Now there are more than patients, than earlier, can pass kardiomonitoring in sanatorium Hope

Kardiomonitoring have already estimated not only rostovchane, but also inhabitants of other cities. Interested persons it has appeared so much that the additional equipment was required. The main thing, cardiologists « consider; Hopes » that patients want to learn about a real status of the heart, in time to pass inspection and to receive individually picked up medicamentous   treatment.

Kardiodiagnostika is very important at any disease, but especially at a heart attack, a postheart attack, stressful statuses. Within two days to the patient consistently remove the electrocardiogram, a daily electrocardiogram, stress - an electrocardiogram (tredmil), SMAD (daily monitoring of arterial pressure) and do full ultrasonic of heart. All is thought over to trifles. And that devices which the patient carries on itself, did not stir once again and did not call discomfort. And that the person could present to the doctor an objective picture of the loadings. The received results carefully are analyzed.  

it is admissible, during researches devices mark splash in growth of pressure in 8 mornings. Means, to accept a medicine it is necessary beforehand. At accurately planned reception loading on a stomach, a liver is less. Correction of medicines, instead of uncontrolled reception of tablets, gives the chance to live by a principle: the necessary medicine in due time days. Having a real picture, seeing, as this or that zone of heart works, the cardiologist develops individual physical activity for each surveyed patient. The person precisely knows the limiting possibilities, realises, what value has for it self-checking. And it, in turn, repeatedly reduces risk of sudden death.
main « the flaming motor » the person during the two-day program it is investigated in a complex, it is checked from all points of view. And following the results of this check the patient receives the most detailed recommendations and can forget about practice of unsystematic swallowing of tablets by a principle « perhaps, it will help ». To sense from such « treatments » it is not enough, but money it is spent much. Quite another matter, when reception of each preparation will be strictly proved,   and the medicine is picked individually up. It is just necessary to be surveyed in time within the limits of the program « We will tell about thy heart all » without waiting serious diseases or complications. After all with joke heart are bad.

Kardiomonitoring can be passed in any days, except days off. Having executed all necessary writs and observing recommendations of experts, the person can subsequently is high-grade to live and work. Use chance which gives to you « Hope »!  

to Register in consultation to the expert it is possible by phones: 245 - 99 - 73, 245 - 20 - 22.
the sanatorium Address « Hope »: Rostov-on-Don, street Access, 55 (area Kamenki).
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