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In Kemerovo two schoolboys on a moped ran into a foreign car

on April, 22nd about nine mornings in the regional centre on Nakhimov`s crossroads and   Rakitjansky there was a road accident. Two boys of 11 and 12 years on a moped cut in « Volkswagen ». As it was possible to learn « » teenagers went behind a foreign car. On a traffic light the car has stopped, and here the young driver on obscure while to the reasons has not had time to brake. As a result both children have got serious traumas. Them have brought to hospital with bruises and crises.

As has explained to inspectors of traffic police mother young « Schumacher » her son goes for a drive on   a moped since autumn. She has bought to the child a minimotorcycle, truth on condition that that will go only in a private sector.

- to it, many parents are guided by an erroneous and dangerous reasoning, getting the child such dangerous toy. Here only every minute to be near to the son or a daughter, to supervise its movement, they vrjad can, - has commented the inspector on propagation OGIBDD on the Department of Internal Affairs Kemerovo Anna Kutonova. - to Parents, under no circumstances it is not necessary to get to the children mopeds before achievement by them 16 - summer age.

By the way, employees of the State traffic inspectorate with participation of young drivers of mopeds will pass the information on similar road accidents now in inspection on affairs of minors for acceptance of measures concerning parents for inadequate performance of duties on education of children. In Kuzbas already there were precedents when at the wheel a moped children perished.

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« In Kemerovo two schoolboys on a moped ran into a foreign car »