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Ekaterina Gusev will tell jaroslavtsam a fairy tale

1. Ekaterina Gusevoj`s concert

Ekaterina Gusev has entered into one hundred the most beautiful people of Moscow, has won a prize as the best actress of a teleserial (« the Brigade »)   at festival « Vivat, cinema of Russia » also became the first actress from Russia which have invited to festival of stars of musicals in Norway. It very much   it is claimed at cinema and at theatre,   that is why it is extremely occupied so to see it on the Yaroslavl scene – the big good luck. The actress will give at once two concerts, and absolutely different. In 15. 00 Gusevs accompanied by a symphonic orchestra of the Yaroslavl philharmonic society will read Sergey Aksakov`s fairy tale « an alenky floret ». And in 19. 00 creative evening of the actress on which she will read verses and monologues will take place, will answer questions of spectators and will sing Russian romances.

the Yaroslavl philharmonic society, street Maksimova, 13.

on April, 30th in 15. 00 and 19. 00.

the Price of tickets: « an alenky floret » - 300 rbl., creative evening – 250 - 600   rbl.

2. An exhibition « Returning of the artist »

Among numerous diasporas of Yaroslavl there are small, but picturesque people – ezidy. An exhibition of artist Siabando Slojana – perfect possibility to get acquainted   with culture of these people. On one of the central picturesque cloths we will see a temple of Lalysh – it is the main relic ezidov, it is located in the Iraq province of Dahuk among mounts of Kurdistan. By the way, in opinion ezidov, in the basis of a temple of Lalysh remains of first person Adam repose. On other cloths it will be possible to see mountain landscapes, still-lifes, and also the Yaroslavl places: church Nikoly Rublenogo, the river Tunoshonka.

a city history Museum, the Volga quay, 17.

On May, 22nd with   10. 00 to 18. 00 (cash desk to 17. 00), the day off – Tuesday.

the Price of tickets: children till 7 years - it is free, schoolboys, pupils, pensioners – 15 rbl., students of HIGH SCHOOLS – free of charge, adults – 35 rbl.

3. A film   Waters to elephants!

As a whole, it is darling, amusing and simultaneously a sad film with the good scenario and remarkable actors. He tells about the veterinary surgeon who was arranged to work in vagrant circus and has found there love of the life. In   a leading role – veterinary surgeon Jacob has acted in film   improbably beautiful actor Robert Pattinson (the vampire in a film « the Seven ») . In a role of its loved Marleny - Riz Uizerspun. Those who saw a film, assure that a picture on the screen simply shaking, and camerawork and illumination above any praises.

the Cinema   « the Native land » street Republican, 7 - and.

From April, 21 till April, 25th in 11. 30, 16. 10, 20. 10,

on April, 26th in 11. 30, 16. 10, 20. 30,

on April, 27th in 11. 30, 16. 10, 20. 10,

on April, 28th in   9. 40, 16. 50.

the Price of tickets: 80 - 200 rbl.