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Excuse, and where 20 million dollars more?!

this subject at session of committee on the budget and the finance of Zhogorku Kenesha was lifted by unruly Akylbek Zhaparov. By words arnamysovtsa, except stipulated $60 million in our territory of the Center of transit transportations the United States in addition pay for abiding to the airport « Manas » 20 « lemons » in the American currency. But the Kirghiz authorities knew nothing about destiny of so impressive sum till today.

- $17,4 million from these means is allocated for strengthening financially - technical base, and $4,6 million follow rent, – Zhaparov has declared. – Having learnt about it, I as the chairman of profile committee of parliament, has made at once inquiry to the president of the airport « Manas ». He has responded that « these means never saw and does not know about their existence ». The airport receives only 60 million dollars. Nevertheless, believed in embassy of the USA in Kyrgyzstan to inquiry of our committee has responded in the affirmative and even has given documents where this money is registered. So in whose pocket then they leave, if are not specified neither in the enterprise budget, nor in the republican budget, in the intergovernmental agreement?

« it was possible to find out that nestykovka in statdannyh really is available (look the table). Official bulletin TSTP (release 5) cites the data according to which payments to government KR, on the basis of a corresponding diplomatic note, have grown from $17,4 million in 2008 to $60 million in 2010 - the m. As of April, 15th, 2011 plans to pay the Center of transit transportations of $45 million. According to pentagonovskim to calculations, the pure sum for rent of the earths at state structures of Kyrgyzstan (not at the airport) makes for April, 15th of all 81 thousand 491 dollar. For curiosity – compare with tsifirju Zhaparova!

Economic influence TSTP « Manas » on local economy (for March, 31st of this year)

Thus « expenses for improvement of an infrastructure of Kyrgyzaeronavigatsii » and « expenses for improvement of an infrastructure of the airport » last and these years have made … a zero of cents.

the total contribution of base « Manas » in the Kirghiz economy last year has made $131,4 million (against $107,6 million in
2009 - and for March, 31st 2011 - go – $77,1 million interesting that only and the other Yankee since January of current year have spent for visitation of the Bishkek cafes, shops, museums over 640 thousand dollars!