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We bake a celebratory Easter cake

the Paschal Easter cake bake in the evening on pure Thursday. Consecrate together with Easter and eggs on the night of Sunday during a paschal liturgy. After that the food is considered blest, and it it is necessary to finish fast exploit. And only after believers will try consecrated passovers, Easter cakes and eggs, it is possible to start other celebratory dishes. By the way, it is accepted to eat a paschal Easter cake during all Light Sedmitsy, that is the whole week after Light Christ`s Anastasis.

This Easter cake prepares long - 6 - 7 hours. 1 kg of a flour leaves one average and three small Easter cakes. A distinctive part of this recipe that dough turns out yellow and very rich, as at a fruitcake. The Easter cake prepared under this recipe, does not harden inside, but from above at it a crust dry enough.

It is not necessary to clean after a batch Easter cakes in packages - they can dampen inside, is better cover with their linen or cotton towel.

it is necessary: For the test: 1 kg of a flour, 10 yolks of eggs, 250 g butter, 100 g raisin, a package of dry yeast (11), 26 g cognac, half of table spoon of a dried peel of a lemon, 0,5 l of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, or vanillin - on a knife tip.

For an ornament: 3 - 5 egg whites, 100 g powdered sugar, a package decorative posypki.


- It is done oparu: to take 2 bowls. In one to pour in 2 full glasses of warm milk, to pour a bag of yeast, to shake up a nimbus before full dissolution, to add salts on a knife tip, to add 100 g torments, to mix a nimbus, to leave for 15 minutes. We take the second bowl, we mix in it 2 glasses of milk and 100 g torments. After 15 minutes it is mixed contents of both bowls, we allow to be drawn hour that contents have got the porous form.

- we Take 10 egg yolks, we add 250 g sugar, we shake up in magnificent white foam. We add in oparu half of egg mix and 200 g torments. We knead and give to be drawn even 1 hour.

- It is added the remained egg mix, the flour rests, the cold kindled butter, we knead to such status that dough came unstuck from hands, we add cognac, a dried peel and we allow to be drawn even an hour.

- we Add raisin, vanillin, to allow to be drawn even an hour.

- It is displayed in forms (to fill only on 1/ 3 forms) and we allow to be drawn even an hour.

- we Bake an Easter cake. We heat up an oven to 100 degrees. We put in it for 10 minutes of the form with the test. After that we increase temperature to 180 degrees and it is baked 20 - 25 minutes after that we diminish temperature to 150 degrees and it is baked to readiness (we pierce a match - if dry, the Easter cake means it is ready).

- we Decorate an Easter cake glaze. For its preparation it is shaken up in foam of the squirrel with powdered sugar. With the received mix we cover Easter cake top. On glaze it is strewed ready ornaments for confectionery.