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The security guards who have passed the pedophile in hospital of Budyonnovsk, can be brought to justice

For five years Sergey Usov, head physician TSRB of Budyonnovsk where on the night of April, 20th has been raped 9 - summer Anja Lapina can sit down for a lattice (the name and a surname of the girl are changed. – Red.) . Against it criminal case under article « is brought; the Negligence ».

we Will remind that at night the former criminal who has caught the girl in a corridor has got into a hospital window, has dragged in a toilet where has raped. Neither doctors, nor protection, during that moment nearby was not. (All details read on our site).

As have informed in regional management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation, instructions on criminal case excitation, has arrived from Alexander Bastrykina, the chairman of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation. Probably that on a dock there will be other employees of hospital and the protection which has missed the pedophile.

- the question on bringing to criminal liability and other officials will be during the investigation considered, whose actions or inactivity have caused fulfilment of it   crimes, - Ekaterina Danilov, the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on SK speaks.

As well as it was informed earlier, the criminal already sat for rape. The Pyatigorsk court in 2008 has sentenced it to 4,6 years of imprisonment. Having stayed two years, the criminal ahead of schedule left on freedom. In the edge Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have told that representations about conditional - an early release move heads of places of imprisonment. The good behaviour denounced   can be an occasion for this purpose; and active participation in public work.

In the meantime, budennovskie investigators understand other incident which happens next day in the same hospital. Here security guards have beaten Yury Ugryumov, the journalist of NTV. In the evening on April, 20th it has arrived to hospital to remove the reporting.

« Called     the chief of protection     Aleynikov Edward Alekseevich has explained to Ugryumov JU. N that visitation time, according to a daily routine,     has ended in 20. 00 ch. And for removal of the reporting concerning the minor the permission and presence of her mother is necessary, 0 - is told in the message placed on an official site of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of edge. - at attempt to deduce Ugryumov JU. N for hospital limits, it has started to show resistance, has struck blows in area of the person and a trunk to the chief of protection Aleynikov E. A, has escaped and has disappeared on the car ».

- by Employees of protection it is not admitted transgressions of the Russian Federation « About private security and detective activity » - have informed in regional management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And At this time

At a Ministry of Health the version of a crime

According to the chief specialist of regional Ministry of Health Elmiry Edievoj, « such crime could be perfect in any other place: in the street, at an entrance, in park, in wood, but, unfortunately, it has occurred in public health services establishment »

Also she has added that, according to the nurse on duty and sanitarki, and also women from chamber, « they saw nothing and did not hear » the girl has gone with the man voluntary. More in detail.

the Journalist beaten in hospital of Budyonnovsk, intends the Reason which named to us producer Severo - the Caucasian bureau of NTV, &mdash has legal proceedings with the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs

; a press - release of a staff of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Territory which on April, 21st current year has been dispatched on electronic addresses of journalists local and federal funds of the mass information. More in detail.

Now the correspondent lies in nejrohirurgicheskom hospital branch 4 regional centres. At it closed cranial - a brain trauma and a brain concussion. These are consequences of a meeting of Yury with security guards of a city hospital of Budyonnovsk. More in detail.

the tyrant 9 Is arrested - the summer patient budennovskoj hospitals

the Inspector of Budennovsky interdistrict investigatory department of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on SK petitioned for imprisonment of the tyrant 9 - the summer girl. The court has satisfied the petition. Earlier concerning the criminal criminal case under article « has been brought; Rape ».


the Governor of edge Valery Gaevsky has disposed to discharge of a post of the head physician of the centre of specialised kinds of medical aid of 1 cities of Budyonnovsk, informs a press - service of the head of Stavropol Territory.

Sergey Usov cannot work until the investigation will be completed. Now in hospital law enforcement bodies and specially created by a Ministry of Health of edge the commission work. More in detail




the Representative by the rights of the child Paul Astakhov is disturbed by crimes against children to Stavropol Territory

Paul Astakhov considers that the safety issue of children should be solved first of all: « As the unknown person could get into chamber to patients free at night! Means, the hospital on a broader scale is not protected in any way ».

« In such cases should be always punished not only criminals, but also heads of medical institutions, on whose criminal negligence penetration of the unknown person on institution territory » has been admitted; - Paul Astakhov has underlined. Further. A leah


Can the person denounced for rape, leave ahead of schedule?

According to article 79 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, the person, leaving imprisonment, is subject conditionally - to an early release (UDO) if by court it will be recognised that for the correction it does not need full serving of the punishment appointed court. Thus the person can be in full or in part released from serving of an auxiliary view of punishment. UDO can be applied only after actual departure denounced not less than half of term of the punishment appointed for grave crime (which rape - a bus concerns) .

For what give to the person UDO?

According to article 113 Criminally - the executive code, for good behaviour, a conscientious attitude to work, training, active participation in work of the amateur organisations denounced and in educational actions to denounced to imprisonment it can be applied UDO.

Edition Komosomlki tries to understand, why the tyrant could receive conditionally - an early release? After all it not so - that and is simple - differently the majority of prisoners would go with UDO. If at you is kakja - nibud the information about 23 - summer, already having term for rape to the man, we ask to contact edition by phone 8 - 928 - 325 - 80 - 01.