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The long-awaited albino iPhone4 will appear in the end of April

the First sales Apple iPhone4 in the case of white colour will begin literally one of these days. The first party should get on counters of shops AT & T and Verizon in the USA already in the end of April.

before iPhone4 was issued only in the black case. The white gadget too was in plans, but it could not in any way start to let out. Under one version, it was impossible to cast details of the necessary colouring, on another - the light panel gave too strong colour reflexion, and from - for it the chamber did not want to work normally.

enterprising people have fast thought that to what, and there was a set counterfeit white iPhone4. Someone sold for five copecks special powders for « decolouration » the standard black case. And one of founders Apple once have noticed on a secular reception white with iPhone4. At first thought that it has received the trial sample on acquaintance, but was then found out: the counterfeit gadget is bought at there was nobody young men from New York on the Internet for the similar price.

now official present white iPhone4 will appear in shops. At first in the USA, and then and worldwide. A leah will be the price for a long-awaited albino will cause a stir from all habitual black iPhone4 while it is not known.