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The driver of the burnt down bus where there were 40 persons, have dismissed from a work place

we Will remind that frosty Sunday morning on February, 13th near Samara has lighted up trip   the bus « Autosan » H10 - 12/ 16 Inter. It went to Big Glushitsu. For few minutes the bus has laid in ashes. In transport was   40 passengers and driver Victor Anistratov. By miracle nobody has suffered. (Incident details read in a material the Samara militiaman has deduced from the burning bus of 40 persons )

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Bolsheglushitsky area has inspected in view of that. A cause of the fire became   electroconducting short circuit in the closed part of a body. It has appeared that the car have let out faulty in flight.

Who in it is guilty? According to item 16 of the Federal law « About security of traffic » for serviceability of transport responds or the owner, or   the one who directly maintains it. That is, the driver. It also have dismissed. Victor Anistratov has not wanted to make comments on the patient for it a subject.    

- Have dismissed also everything, - has told, stammering, Victor.

And here to the mechanic who checked the car before flight, have rebuked only. « an easy fright » the chief engineer of the enterprise has got off also.  

By the way, to the burnt down bus was already   14 years. Though at such cars term of operation 10 - 12 years.

the Comment of the mechanic read in a material

the Mechanic about the burnt down bus, whence have rescued 40 persons: conducting Short circuit has occurred from - for a frost