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Militiamen of Siberia will hand over police Unified State Examination

On a visit   at Novosibirsk « the main policeman of Siberia &ndash has visited; Yury Proshchalykin. And its policemen can name with absolute confidence – Yury Mihajlovich one of the first militiamen who has taken place certification. Actually the subject also has been devoted it sew a press - conferences. We have tried to understand, what will be police of Siberia.

has not answered test questions – good-bye!

- the Law « About police » has come into force since March, 1st, can tell, about changes which have occurred already in department work?

- the Main change that we are guided now by the Law « About police » instead of the Law « About militia » - it remained in the past. Now there passes reorganisation of law-enforcement bodies in the country, this very big and difficult action. There is a process of reassignment of heads, certification of all staff.

- That it herself represents?

- something Will be spent like competition among militiamen on police posts. The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs defines 19 positions on which the employee will be estimated. It, first of all, all-round studying of its professional and personal qualities, its this relation to service for all period of a finding in militia (as it worked, what indicators had), this health, absence of medical contra-indications for service in police – the conclusion is given by medical board, military - the medical commission. Also employees should fill inquiries on incomes – it so we will tell, such examination on korruptsionnost. These inquiries are then checked: a leah there correspond real incomes with that data which the employee has specified in the declaration. Well and the test.

  - And how much questions in the test and on what subject?

is such offset on knowledge of the Law « About police ». Difficult enough computer test. There 30 questions – 30 answers. To 75 % of questions you respond – you pass test. Has not responded – good-bye. Though we give the chance to repeat. It is possible to learn the law and repeatedly to be tested. If at all has not handed over, then excuse. I have responded 100 % to all questions.

- a leah employees Can write off each other?

is it is excluded, there there are members of the test commission, computers are located in chessboard order so that will not peep.

- There are any forecasts, how much percent of militiamen will ruin offset?

- And already certification will show it. There is no saying... Percent here – it from area of guessings. The part of employees, certainly, will not pass certification, we understand it. On their place employees who are subject to reduction on reform, by the way, will be considered, and can even from the citizen we will accept.

- the Polygraph will use at employment?

- Yes we already use it not the first year. There are at us the divisions which employees necessarily take place a polygraph. But this business, we will tell so, voluntary. The person can refuse. But, if he does not want it to pass, means, cannot apply for service in this division. Plus employees to whom there are questions which do not agree with an estimation in the address, too can confirm the innocence on the detector.

« Many employees already shiver … »

- you have already passed certification. It is possible to hear your estimation – how much all it is difficult and serious?

- There is such opinion that is all formally. And in a press about it wrote much, but actually all it not so. It is very serious filter which delivers many stirrings to everyone certified. Here the formalism is not supposed. For example, the declaration on incomes is checked in the area of bank system if something has hidden, and these facts came to light, refuse appointment to the post. Now all it is transparent: bank accounts are easily found out, the real estate is registered. If something is, you should explain, whence you took – has earned or someone to you has presented. One more question – a state of health. In police people physically healthy, strong and with a head that all was as it should be should minister. Therefore psychophysical researches are spent also. Also there is a check of personal data. There were such facts, and they, unfortunately, are not individual, when on service arrived under counterfeit diplomas, inquiries. All it allows to get rid of people who have casually got to system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- a leah Will be control over the certifying commission? There is an opinion that employees who have served many years, can be converted to the commission and demand « privileges »?

- the Commission – it is college body. In it 7 - 9 persons, each of which expresses opinion. I named 19 positions on which employees are estimated. If we speak about « privileges » it turns out that the militiaman should agree with everyone. With medical department, with own security, with justice, tax department. Same cannot be! There are many moments and nuances which will not allow to approach to certification not objectively. And many employees already shiver. Those who wants to minister or to whom to pension remains two - three years, and it can appear behind a board.

- And what will be with those who remains behind a board?

- Different variants. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will be from its part maximum to help employees who get under reduction. Unfortunately, all of us cannot certify, because the decision on staff reduction of bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is accepted. We last year reduced employees and now we need to reduce 14 thousand on district … Them will employ. After all under reduction has got and many sensible experts. Now the state incurs financing of their retraining. If he wants to get education, can pass retraining, conversion training at the expense of the state. Plus at us is the public and veteran organisations which help to found a job. We will not throw any militiaman, we will help. After all healthy people, and on age active, and by experience vital leave. I think, they will be claimed.

« the Policeman » – sounds well, and here « the mister » - not so …

- What terms of certification?

- Till June, 1st, but, probably, date will be transferred, process is tightened. Now all bosses in subjects and central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are not certified yet even, its structure is not confirmed. We hope that all it happens in the near future. That is the police structure, including in regions will be already clear. Besides the certifying commission is not confirmed yet.

- It is said that representatives of the public will enter into it. It who?

- Dear people. For example, Ilya Reznik, lawyer Kucherena are entered into the central commission at the president. These people too can be voiced. We have social councils at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in each region. For example, at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region, there enter both deputies of the State Duma, and deputies of country council, veterans, representatives of mass-media, honourable inhabitants of Novosibirsk. People who have authority. Plus is considered opinion of coordination council at the governor.

- As you personally concern renaming of militia into police. The ear does not cut « the policeman »?

- the Person gets used to all. If to approach objectively, police history in Russia twice more than history of militia which has appeared at us in 1917. Therefore police experience, still imperial, much more richly. Therefore here I no trouble do not see. Well and a word « the policeman » all over the world exists. Even the international organisation the Interpol too consists of policemen. A root – « a floor » the police means. In the CIS one we remained with militia and more Belarus. I think that it, probably, the correct decision. Though I have grown in the Soviet militia, and first a word « the policeman » of course, cut an ear a little.

- As will advise to name policemen?

- Me personally a word « the mister » it is not pleasant. A companion the lieutenant, a companion the captain of police. There is a rank at each policeman, think, on a rank and it is necessary to name.

- What money for certification, for renaming, for any tablets, stamps are allocated?

- money is not allocated For certification, because she is spent by those employees which work is paid. For example, I the chairman of the commission, I get wages, and in addition to me for it do not pay, it is my functional duty. And here change of signboards – the sum decent. Very big money, it is hundred millions to change in the country all signboards and names.

- And the form new will be?

- Yes. Recently there passed board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There to us have shown the new form. And the private soldier, and average, and the higher structure. It it will be dark - dark blue colour.

In high schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there will be a new trade

- Any changes in militian high schools in connection with reform are expected?

- the offer that the Ministry of Labour has registered a trade « is Now made; the policeman ». Earlier, I will remind, there was no such trade, as the militiaman. And those who ended high school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, received the diploma in which it has been written « the lawyer - the jurist ». The diploma of the policeman will stand out Now, and the graduate will be obliged to sign the contract that it will fulfil after high school in police. And that was earlier that in high schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs people who did not want to minister in army arrived. And when received quite good free juridical education, in militia refused to work. Left that we learnt at the expense of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, spent money, and then lost huge weight of people! Now all will be accurate: if you have gone to study, will be only the policeman. And with this trade you will not come to work any more in legal bureau. If you have left, should indemnify from the pocket a loss of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for training in high school. Here such plans. And I hope that people will go to our high schools osoznanno, and the trade of the policeman becomes prestigious. Now there passes reform of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the quantity will be reduced, as well as number of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a whole. Their specialisation will be defined under police specific targets.

- you can explain sense of reform?

- In militia work, certainly, there were lacks, and the society has made a complaint. Where - that it objectively and where - that is not present. It was necessary to undertake any steps. The state has changed, we live already in other society. Reform is necessary first of all to raise trust of the population to police. One more moment: at us in certain services chronic shortage – It is criminal investigation department, local inspectors, patrol - sentry duty, that is, those services, which employees face to face face criminals. Work heavy, nenormirovannaja, with risk for life, daily on thy eyes occurs all this dirt – drunkenness, a narcotism – that only you will not see. It and psychological stresses, and the salary cheap, here there also did not go. Therefore one more purpose of reform – to raise the salary to those services which directly struggle with criminality. But the budget not rubber where to take money? Here therefore also the decision on number reduction, in particular, auxiliary services is accepted. And at the expense of it the icon setting the policeman will rise. That on these posts the modern youth, talented children, « has gone; large-headed » which not only dream to work in the big business. To the lieutenant, for example, will pay to 40 thousand roubles. And it will allow us to lead competitive selection on a post. In general sense in that the militia should be updated. This business not one year, can also decade should pass...

- The Law effective or with it it is necessary to work still?

- it is unconditional, there are defects in this law which could be registered on - to another. But as a whole the law the worker. At us a problem any more in the law on police. For example, at us the most complicated criminal remedial code. From - for it so much unnecessary work becomes... Therefore at us business - that also are investigated months and for years . here UPK it is necessary to simplify, there it is a lot of formalistiki. And the law on police quite working. We even with operating UPK when it have published, have clutched at the head, thought, how we will work?! But anything, have managed to be arranged and under it, have survived, have stood, we work.

- As police work will be estimated?

- Certainly there will be a statistics: raskryvaemost crimes, damage compensation, search of criminals, a crime rate on territories and a number of other criteria. And also – the public opinion analysis about police work. Behind our work are carried out serious state, departmental and public control, public prosecutor`s and judicial supervision.

And that you, dear readers, wait from newly appeared policemen? We wait for your responses to our site.