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Why at the Rostov schools from parents demand « the sponsor`s help »?

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- Went one of these days in a minibus, the passenger left Orenburg on street. Doors, suddenly a voice were closed: « I the police officer, here the certificate, ask passengers to check up urgently, a leah on a place your purses ». One woman has found out loss, the field investigator together with it has jumped out of a minibus and run for the pilferer. Gallant, the unknown police officer!
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- Really it is impossible to be engaged in repair of roads in with. CHaltyr and farm Kalinin? Repair there were no more than ten years. Where the authorities look? And road Rostov - Taganrog in what status? It is horror!
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- At giving of documents in school 10 on Chkalovsk, on street Rektorsky, demand « the sponsor`s help » well it is half-misfortunes, to such already all have got used. And that is why do not give ANY PRIHODNYH DOCUMENTS?! I ask competent bodies to inspect.
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It is responded:
- I personally spoke with the principal - such never was, that from parents demanded to hand over any money under the pretext of the sponsor`s help. - has told « » the chief of a municipal government of education Alexander Uvarovsky . - it is possible, earlier in kindergartens of parents and asked to make any payment, but it is not present for a long time. And at schools never was!

- On Northern in food tents sell stale vegetables and fruit. Came across on the tempting prices already some times!

- On Michurin`s area (in square and nearby court yard on street of Workers) the rack of vagrant dogs runs. There were attack cases on people. Where to be converted concerning catching of dogs? After all the impression is made that on this problem simply close eyes.  
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- every day in a court yard of the under construction house on avenue of Cosmonauts,   23/ 1,   an arrow   a tower crane hangs over a number a standing apartment house.   builders do not know that at a strong wind which in our region not the rarity, can happen tragedy.
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It is responded:
- Rostovchanam it is not necessary to worry, we have inspected and have found out that this crane is safe, - have told « » in Nizhne - the Don management of Rostehnadzora . - When the crane does not work, its arrow freely rotates according to a wind direction, but no additional loading on it is present, therefore it is not necessary to be stirred!

- At a stop « the Grove » in Aleksandrovka it was erased « a zebra » on a pedestrian crossing, it is impossible to pass road! Drivers rush as mad, and after all mummies of children conduct in a garden!
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- When races « will stop; gilt youth » on motorcycles on the centre of Rostov? It is impossible to sleep at night!
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