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The cat has stayed in the USA on a tree of 10 days and has endured three terrible tornadoes

Basseterre never differed courageous character, therefore having met a neighbour`s dog, has put the tail between the legs and siganul on 45 - timetrovuju a pine. The mistress of a cat Linda Megretto has missed the pupil almost there and then, but, how much did not search, find it could not. Probably, and cats from a fright lose a speech power – Basseterre sat on a tree and was silent as the guerrilla.

along toward evening in South Carolina where all occurred, the rain, behind it &ndash has begun; strong hurricane. Neighbours have already told to Linda and her husband that saw their cat on a tree. Has passed night, owners of Basseterre did not hope to find the favourite live. Next morning the woman has gone to a pine and to the happiness has made out in branches at the big height frozen with fear, but nevertheless a safe cat.

the Cowardly cat and its desperate mistress
the Photo: allpetnews. com

On arrangements to go down Basseterre did not react, then its mistress has decided to be converted behind the help into emergency services. Everywhere - in fire protection, police, service on protection of animals and supervision of the homeless and run away animals – made a helpless gesture, sympathised, but were not going to help. The fire chief Bills Gibson   only also could what to advise to put under a tree a jar with meal supposedly on a hungry cat it will work.

While owners were surprised callousness of services, the second hurricane has fallen upon a city, already in times is stronger than the first. Basseterre again has properly pulled about. There were sixth days of the cat`s test. Owners did not depart almost from a tree, called the favourite, allured everyones vkusnostjami, but Basseterre hissed and did not think to go down on the earth.

after the third hurricane the pine has fairly grown bald, but the cat, appear, has grown all skin to a tree. Linda, Andrew`s husband has decided that so can last indefinitely, it took a high ladder from acquaintances and itself has got to rescue the pupil. When the man has passed Basseterre in hands of the wife, that has sighed with simplification: « I thought it will be lost, will spend all nine lives. But there was a miracle! ».